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Punks Comic's Ape Madness Final Voting Opens Tomorrow. Find Out Who's Versing Who

After weeks of voting and intrigue, Punk Comic’s Ape Madness is entering into its final round to determine which Bored Apes will be featured in Punks Comic #2.

After hundreds of apes applied for the tournament, 64 were selected. From there, apes and non-apes alike have voted for which primates will make it to print. After two rounds of voting, there are 16 apes left fighting for 8 spots.

“Congratulations to our 16 Ape Madness finalists,” Punks Comic tweeted. “We are now just one step from the selection of the Elite 8 Apes that will be featured in PUNKS Comic, Issue 2. Voting will resume with our final-round matchups this Thursday, 07/08.”

Before voting opens tomorrow, check out the match ups below:

1. Mr Mori Vs Hanzo

2.Dr. GoldenBunny Vs Gold-Rilla

3.Black Hat Vs. Boring Bored Ape

4.Jessica Vs. TropoApe

5.Capetain Trippy Vs. Biz

6.Mapel Vs. Blaze

7.Rinko Vs. Lone Star Sacca

8.King Blackbored Vs. Marley

Be sure to check back with the Bored Ape Gazette for further coverage of Ape Madness.

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