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PUNKS PARTY: Beeple Is Hosting A Party At His Studio Next Month& Every CryptoPunk Is Invited

NFT artist Beeple wasn't clowning around when he said he had wanted to connect and learn from his fellow CryptoPunks after he joined the community earlier this week, and now he is hosting a Punks Party at his studio next month!

Three days after Beeple purchased CryptoPunk #4593 for 113.69 Eth or $213,000 USD, the notable artist announced that he is throwing a Punks Party at his studio in Charleston, South Carolina on September 30th!

“CONNECT,” Beeple tweeted last night. “Register now!!!!!!!! all CryptoPunk holders get +1. hope u can make it!!”

Beeple's Punks Party will consist of two parts, a day and a night event.

During the day event, which will be from 1-4 P.M. EST, guest will meet their fellow holders, listen to community speakers such as Larva Labs founders Matt and John, and ‘argue about how undervalued clown nose punks are!’

Following the day event, the Punks will then reconvene at Beeple’s studio at 8 P.M. EST for a night of debauchery, networking ,and experiencing the Punks collection like never before in Beeple’s “experiential Space.”

Beeple’s Punks Party is open to all CryptoPunk holders and Beeple NFT collectors (excluding collaboration NFTs), according to the event’s website.

For more information on Beeple’s Punks Party, check out Beeple’s studio website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Beeple, his new Punk, and this event. Stay tuned for updates!

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