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PureArts Limited's Bored Figurines Are Currently On Sale. Find Out More:

Tonight is your last chance to get a boring deal on PureArt Limited and BoredJob’s boring figurines!

“LAST CHANCE to pick up your #BAYC Bored Bundle for $200 + up to $15 OFF shipping,” Pure Arts Limited tweeted. “We accept payments in $ETH $APE & more Scoop the @boredapeyc pair before 12 PM EST tonight.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, PureArts Limited and BoredJob’s teamed up to create two Bored figurines earlier this year. After a community wide vote, the companies’ created figurines of Bored Ape Yacht Club members BoredSpaceApe and FriesFrame’s primates.

The BAYC community got its first look at these bored figurines over the weekend during several BAYC themed Art Basel events.

"For me it has been incredible to display the 2 statues during Otherblock and BAYC events in Miami,” PureArts Limited’s Managing Director 0x_Arnaud told the Gazette. “Otherblock was the opportunity to show them direct to holders and people were amazed by the quality and attention to details (everyone loved the earrings in metal!) and everyone wanted to be the next to be licensed!”

While the bundle deal ends tonight at midnight, users can still purchase these bored figurines for the standard $220 USD price going forward, according to 0x_Arnaud.

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