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Q&A:An AIP To Extend The Special Council's Term Is On The Ballot.Find Out More From The AIP's Author

An Ape Improvement Proposal is on the ballot this week that will determine whether the Special Council’s inaugural term will be extended by three months to give the DAO more time to create a functional election process.

Ape Improvement Propsal-113 titled “Extending AIP-1 - the DAO Process” is a process proposal that was submitted by DAO Administration member Btang.

“The DAO in its current state relies on the Ape Foundation to operate,” Btang wrote in AIP-113. “September 30 will mark six months since the launch of the ApeCoin DAO, and with it will come an end to the six-month terms of the Ape Foundation Special Council and Administration established in AIP-1. The lack to-date of a community AIP on elections confirms that the election process as written in the governance materials is ambiguous and lacks sufficient detail. This AIP gives the community extra time to develop and agree to a thoughtful and comprehensive election framework, and ensure the DAO continues to run smoothly.”

In order to find out more about AIP-113 and the ramifications of this proposal, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Btang for an interview. Check out the Gazette’s full interview below:

1: What’s your role at the Ape Coin DAO?

“I work at Cartan Group as a part of the DAO’s administration. The ApeCoin DAO is one of the most complex and exciting Web3 projects. This means the administrative function involves a variety of areas and our day-to-day activities are always changing. I along with many members at Cartan help support the DAO by keeping things running. Most visibly, we shepherd authors through the AIP process, fielding their questions and helping them test their ideas. We also prepare analysis reports for the Special Council: detailed due diligence to give the Council the information that they need to assess the increasing number of ambitious AIPs we are receiving. In the background, we also are responsible for the overall financial, legal, and regulatory compliance - ensuring that everything the DAO participates in is done right.

2: Why should the DAO vote to extend the council’s term?

“In the first 6 months, the Council has worked to both guide the DAO by executing their duties but also give space to the community and empower them to help shape the ApeCoin community and ecosystem. The Council will continue to work on finding that right balance and, most importantly, will work with the community in these next 3 months to implement an election structure that will serve the DAO for the long term.”

3: If the council’s term is extended, what will happen next?

The Council and community will work together to implement an elections process that will support the DAO for the long term. To get there, informational and collaborative sessions have been hosted with the community, and we’ll be organizing more of them in the future. We’ve been inspired by the community members we’ve seen tackle this problem head on with some really deep thinking on how a DAO should be structured. More of that will continue in the weeks to come and I’m confident that together we’ll find a strong path moving forward.

4: If the council’s term is not extended, what will happen next?

“If nothing passes, the structure of the DAO and the behind-the-scenes operational, legal, and logistical work that supports the DAO no longer has a mandate. We’re working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen because, regardless of how anyone wants the DAO to be structured, I think we all agree that the basics need to get done. Someone needs to keep the lights on if we all want this project to succeed in the long term.”

5: What are your thoughts on council voting going forward? What do you think that should look like?

“We’re working through what that could look like as we speak. Like I mentioned, the end result needs to reflect the community’s wishes so we’re going to continue to create opportunities to do the listening that’s essential to this process. One thing we’ve heard that we believe could be a step in the right direction is to have rolling–or staggered–elections. This would mean one or more seats would be up for election every quarter (or other set timeframe).

This would help us in two important ways:

· We ensure the stability of the governance system

· We can preserve and build on institutional knowledge as well as introducing fresh ideas from the community”

6: Do you have anything else you’d like to say about your AIP?

“It’s a privilege to have a front row seat to watch as the ambition level of the community grows. This ambition is reflected in both the quality and the quantity of AIPs we see posted on discourse and entering the process. I encourage the community to read all the live AIPs currently up for vote and to vote on all the AIPs up on Snapshot. Lots of hard work, time and thinking goes into these and they deserve your attention. Momentum continues to build in the community, and we look forward to seeing new AIPs and exciting ideas being brought forward. We’re working on something special here.”

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