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Q&A:Find Out More About AIP-150 And The Authors Plan To Create 1,000 Merch "Capsules"

The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal that aims to create merch “Capsules” with stickers, patches, and posters for token holders!

AIP-150 titled “Forever Apes // Upgrade #4 // ApeCoin Capsules Vol.1,” written by the Forever Apes team is currently on the ballot at the ApeCoin DAO.

“This proposal presents the idea that the Forever Apes team produce 1000 ApeCoin Capsules,” AIP 150 author 12Gauge wrote. “Contents include 4 stickers, 1 patch, and 1 poster. FREE to claim (plus shipping) to anyone with 20 $APE in their wallet. We believe this encourages token accumulation, furthers $APE brand recognition IRL, and reduces unauthorized sales via unofficial channels.”

In total, the Forever Apes team is asking the DAO to allocate $23,000 USD worth of $Ape so they can create the 1,000 ApeCoin Capsules. Take a look at the budget below:

To find out more about AIP-150, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Forever Apes and did a Q&A interview with them. Check out the interview below:

1. In a sentence or two, what’s the goal of AIP 150?

"We’re looking to create custom (and official) ApeCoin merch designs because nothing currently exists. We want to reward the loyal community with these capsules, and they’ll be available at no cost for anyone holding 20+ $APE in their wallets. We also want to give artists within the community an opportunity to be involved in the design process!"

2. How’d you come up with this idea?

"We're product creators by nature, and since no official ApeCoin merch exists, we wanted to create something that the community would enjoy, appreciate, and want to have. Some 'unofficial' merch exists online that is very low effort and low quality, so we'd love to do something unique, creative and fun."

3. Do you have any concept art for the patches and stickers?

"We have a few ideas we're cooking up, but would love to include some community artists in the creation process as well so that there is a variation of styles and concepts. Also a great way to get some eyes on some of the talent we have in the space."

4. Why should the DAO fund the creation of these capsules?

"We figured this would be a small concept with a fairly quick turnaround and execution time. We want to prove the quality that we can deliver on, ideally leading to larger scale future merch capsules."

5. Why is creating official items important for the DAO?

"Currently no official products exist, and we'd love to help iron out the direction in a creative way. We feel like we can bring a lot of fun to the DAO as well as ApeCoin as a whole, and would love to both incentivize and reward holders. The community is very loyal, and we would love to continue creating products that reward that loyalty at no cost to the members."

6. What should $Ape holders know about you and your proposal before they vote?

"We are Apes and community members at heart, we're here for the long term and would love to bring our creativity and agency expertise to creating brands, products, and experiences that everyone can enjoy and be happy to be a part of."

7. Why are you the right team to make these capsules?

"We have extensive knowledge and experience in the product world, and would love to help build the ApeCoin brand direction. Our first passed AIP-112 is currently in production, and to our knowledge it's the first project that features the BAYC founders, alongside many other prominent names within the Yugaverse. Our claim will go live for this this week and we can't wait to show everyone the quality of what we're capable of, we're very confident that everyone is going to love these. We're idea guys and creators at heart. We recently posted a visual thread that covers everything we've been cooking up, and would love to spread the love alongside including as many people as we possibly can from within the community. There is so much talent that surrounds us on a daily basis, and we'd love to not only grow and scale our own projects, but collaborate to help other artists/designers/creators thrive."

8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

"We invite everyone to check out our thread here for more information about us, and what we're up to!"

The window to vote on AIP-150 is currently open and the community has until Wednesday at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins.

For more information on AIP-150, check out the Forever Apes teams’ full proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Forever Apes and will let you know how the community votes on this proposal. Stay tuned for updates!

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