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Q&A: Find Out More About AIP-156 And Why The Author Thinks The DAO Should Fund Street Art Worldwide

The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal that, if passed, would lead to the creation and documentation of Yuga Labs inspired street art across the globe.

AIP-156 titled “Forever Apes // Upgrade #5 // Apes In the Wild, Global Street Art Initiative,” is an ecosystem allocation fund proposal written by Bored Ape yacht Club member and Forever Apes founder 12Gauge.

“This proposal presents the idea that the Forever Apes team including Erod.eth produce and document global street art installations,” 12Gauge wrote. “We will facilitate future art installations and a series of graffiti contests. Our community has changed lives through these murals, and we should be proud of these stories. We will document this campaign and artist’s stories through a series of mini-docs (think vice) and not let them get lost in the noise. Additionally, we will consolidate all new and existing street art on an Otherside inspired website. We believe this will grow ApeCoin brand awareness IRL as well as digital and traditional media. We will continue to positively impact emerging artists and give $APE holders a reason to explore a world of art they didn’t know existed. We are requesting a grant from the ApeCoin DAO to do this.”

In total, 12Gauge is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 41000 $Ape or $200,000 USD to this proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette recently did an interview with ForeverApes to find out more about this AIP and asked them why the DAO should fund street art around the world.

1: How did Forever Apes start and how’d you get into the BAYC/ ApeCoin DAO?

“Forever Apes started as a collective group of Apes after discovering the unique backgrounds and life-changing stories told by the community in the BAYC Discord. Instead of letting everything get lost in the clutter of social media, we are aiming to build platforms, products, and experiences to help share those stories and build stronger connections within our communities and ecosystems.”

2: Can you explain your AIP in a sentence or two?

“Street art is some of the most widely shared/celebrated posts on social media. Even better - we created a short audio adventure that helps explain our AIP, we invite you to listen here:

3: Why would street art be an effective way to grow brand awareness?

“Our best ambassadors for building the brand are right in front of us. The level of artistic talent within our community (and the NFT ecosystem as a whole) is second to none, and we want to give those artists a platform. Getting word out, getting these stories out, creating compelling visuals that can be shared again and again will not only help apes connect with one another from around the world, but help grow our brand ecosystem and awareness while doing it.”

4: Assuming this AIP passes, what does the next year look like for this proposal? How many works will be up and what content can the DAO expect?

We have a three-pronged approach for our concept. We will be building a digital platform to feature new and existing art, fund new mural and art installations across the globe, and cover the artist stories through profiles and video mini-docs. Although we don't have an exact number of murals to be featured yet, part of what we're creating is the exploratory and discoverability aspect. Artists will be free to create, submit, and get featured on our platform to help grow their visibility and awareness, while also contributing to the growth of the BAYC and ApeCoin brands. It also gives the rest of the community the opportunity to discover new art and artists, as well as submit their findings to our platform. “

5: What would you like to say to people who are against your proposal? What would you like them to know?

“Price and timing have been the two biggest concerns. For those concerned about timing, we don't think the timing could be better. The DAO is going through a restructure currently as we move on from our old administration. The completion of this shuffle could line up perfectly with the completion of our first video production. For those concerned about price, we priced this in APE when it was $3, although the ask is currently more than we had originally planned for, it will allow us to continue to document and create more art with the budget. That said, we are fully committed to bringing this concept to life. If our current iteration of the AIP fails to pass, we will revisit and come back with a revised, leaner version of the idea to launch.”

6: Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“We truly appreciate everyone’s support and feedback on the projects we're building. We're here for the long run and would love to continue to involve and foster the community as much as we possibly can, while building out fun and unique ways to help people connect. Always willing to lend a helping hand or a set of eyes and ears to anyone else who would like feedback on their ideas & proposals as well.”

$Ape holders have until tomorrow evening at 9 P.M. EST to cast their $Ape on AIP-156. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this proposal and will let you know how the community votes on it tomorrow night.

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