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Q&A: This AIP Aims To Bring $Ape To Moldova. Find Out More About The Proposal Here!

The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on an Ape Improvement Proposal that aims to get the people of Moldova to ape into the ApeCoin ecosystem by setting up an $Ape based hackathon!

AIP-255 titled "$Ape x Innovation: Expanding the $Ape Universe,” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by BAYC member NFTxExplore.

“We want to amplify ApeCoin DAO’s mission to use web3 for innovation and to spread $Ape reach,” NFTxExplore wrote. “By onboarding wider global communities into web3, we will fuel innovation, collaboration, and creativity so that the DAO can have a broader impact.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, NFTxExplore held a hackathon in Chisinau, Moldova last year. AIP-255 aims to build upon the success of that event.

“In September, 2022, NFTxExplore partnered with Michael Littig from HUG (@thehugxyz) and local organizations for a series of Web3-focused events and a hackathon,” NFTxExplore wrote in her proposal. “That initial event promoted a vibrant culture of creativity and innovation, development and application of web3 skills, and activated Moldovan solutions using web3 and blockchain technology. Now, with proof of concept from the initial experience, we’d like this opportunity to deepen the $Ape Community’s mission to steward web3 growth and development. We will create 4-days of events in collaboration with local partner organizations and ApeCoin DAO members (as mentors) and create an original art piece by @Stellitart for $Ape members upon completion of the event.”

In her proposal, NFTxExplore asked the DAO to allocate $28,400 USD worth of $Ape towards this event.

To find out more about this proposal and why she is the right $Ape to run this hackathon, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to NFTxExplore for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence two can you sum up your proposal?

“Create an $Ape-centric hackathon that involves $Apecoin DAO mentors to provide workshops; design an $Ape-inspired artwork; mentor 3-4 winning teams from the hackathon for 3-months; and create a “playbook” for $Ape Hackathons for the community to use and adapt to varied contexts.”

2. What made you want to create and run an $Ape hackathon in Moldova?

“I’m building off of a hackathon I created last year there that was focused on blockchain technology. It received 500 applications for 100 spots and was Moldova’s first web3 hackathon! Also, during the recent Special Council and Working Group elections, I heard a need for onboarding more people into the DAO, expanding the global reach of $Ape, and creating more utility. This hits on each of those.”

3. Why are you the right $Ape to do this?

“I have experience designing and facilitating hackathons, and am an active participant and contributor to the $Apecoin DAO (Trust Level 2). In my IRL work as a Chief Learning Officer, I create systems and structures to support learning. The Playbook for $Ape hackathons that I’ll create from this experience will benefit the $Ape community because it will give opportunity for replication and adaptation across contexts.”

4. In a sentence or two Why do you think the DAO should fund this AIP?

“I bring experience in designing successful hackathons and commitment to expanding $Ape reach and utility. The total investment for this impactful project is $28,400, which is .0125% of the $Apecoin DAOs 227+million funds. The juice is worth the squeeze.”

5. What should Apes know about you or this AIP before they vote?

“I’m a member of the Ladies of BAYC group and occasionally co-lead spaces. As a woman in web3, I am also committed to supporting underrepresented groups to access web3 and $Ape, build skills, and explore opportunities. if this AIP passes, I will be seeking DAO members to be mentors during the hackathon and offer 20-30 min workshops.”

The window to vote on AIP-255 is currently open and $Apes have until tomorrow night at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins and vote on this proposal.

ApeCoin DAO Contributors can read NFTxExplore’s full AIP here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-255 and will let you know how the community votes tomorrow night. Stay tuned for updates!

Disclosure: the Bored Ape Gazette’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Kyle, is NFTxExplore’s Nephew.

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