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Q&A: This AIP Aims To Onboard Indian Builders Into The $Ape Ecosystem. Find Out More About AIP-172

The ApeCoin DAO is voting on an Ape Improvement proposal this week that aims to onboard Indian Web3 builders into the ApeCoin ecosystem.

AIP-172 titled “DAZE PropHouse powered by ApeCoin” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by DAO Contributor Evil AKA Meebits member Jatin Pathi.

“ApeCoin’s ecosystem is still growing and needs to expand in different parts of the world more smoothly,” Evil wrote. “The current method is something that might discourage small artists, builders and do-ers. To onboard new people who provide value towards ApeCoin require a small-scale operation that focus on small group of people. India constitutes 17.7% of the global population, with 20 million+ crypto users in the country as of 2022 (5th largest no. of crypto users in the world).”

In their proposal, Evil asked the DAO to allocate 16,500 $Ape or $67,155 USD to fund DAZE which will then host four rounds of PropHouse contests for the Indian Web3 community with the aim of “onboarding existing bandwagon towards $APE ecosystem, encouraging people to create art, projects and develop tools, ease onboarding experience for AIP with micro grant towards community building.”

If passed, 10,000 $Ape be used as a prize money for the PropHouse contests while 6,500 $Ape would be converted to USDT and used towards team management, mentors, and in real life activities, according to their proposal.

To find out more about AIP-172 and DAZE’s PropHouse plans, the Gazette reached out to Evil for an interview. Check it out below:

Tell me about your crypto journey. How’d you get into the ApeCoin DAO?

“My crypto journey started back in early 2020, when covid was just spreading. I was just a student learning 3D back then and slowly building my portfolio. Suddenly got an email and it was an invite to this new thing called " NFT ". The platform was Makersplace. Never looked back since then. Used to be one of an early ambassadors for the marketplace as well. Lost the chance to get on the Bored Yacht, remember attending the convo during clubhouse where founders used to talk about this. Slowly BAYC turned into what we see today and felt like I’ve lost so many opportunities to be a part to this ecosystem, aint no way missing ApeCoin DAO. And here we are.”

In a sentence or two what’s the goal of your proposal?

“Micro-funding to small builders and artist in a fast and easy way.”

Tell me a bit about why you decided to write this proposal? What inspired it?

“When I was first started exploring ApeCoin, I just wanted to sit back and observe. Realized that the process for AIP is complicated and time consuming. This acted like a barrier between the proposer and the DAO itself. Can discourage people, especially those who don’t have the necessary resources to start building with ApeCoin. So I thought why not test a funding mechanism where the DAO can grant funds to small artist and builders. These 2-3 months test rounds can help people get exposure in DAO and at the same time will act as an inspiration to others elsewhere in the world. I 100% believe that more $ape builders can use this as a blueprint.”

Why should the DAO fund Prop House events for Indian Web3 builders?

“DAO is not funding the Prop House. This proposal is to fund DAZE, where we will create a house inside Prop House; an infrastructure where various communities deploy funds to their community through voting. DAZE House will be funded with $10,000 APE which will be distributed via 4 rounds. $6,500 APE will go towards team management, mentors and hosting IRL events where we will be inviting people at a larger scale. The best way to reach people is face to face. Interacting with them as a whole, connecting and more creates a better sense of understanding between the team and people who will be entering the ApeCoin ecosystem.”

If passed, what do you hope to see come out of the Prop House contests?

“Possibilities are endless honestly. Rounds will take place in 4 stages with their own theme focusing specially in India. Such as " Awareness about $ape, Product ideas and $ape utilities, Art and NFTs and adoption of $ape in India. This can open new ways for $ape and DAO around CC0s. tools, brand and gamification.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Nothing much but want to add that it would be absolutely amazing if the DAO passes this. We are capable of opening new world with the ApeCoin DAO with so much to offer. This test run will prove itself with micro funding and its just a start.”

The window to vote on AIP-172 is open and $Ape holders will have until Wednesday March 29th to cast their coins.

At the time of this article’s publication, AIP-172 is currently being rejected by 48.19% of Ape voters.

$Ape holders can read Evil’s full proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of AIP-172. Stay tuned for updates!

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