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Q&A: This AIP Hopes To Expand The $Ape Ecosystem By Developing New Smart Contracts For The Community

This Builder's Ape Improvement Proposal aims to expand the $Ape ecosystem by introducing ApeCoin DAO-governed GameFi smart contract wallets that allow the $Ape community to manage assets and maximize their returns!

AIP-324 titled “ApeCoin DAO Governed GameFi Smart Contract Wallet,” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by ApeCoin DAO contributor and 99Starz CEO, LL99Starz AKA Luca Lamberti.

“This AIP aims to build Apecoin DAO smart contract Wallets for GameFi NFts and establish a Lend assets & rewarding vault for the Game community,” Lamberti wrote. “Apecoin DAO Wallets wanted to implement active user engagement in a Game community by enabling GameFi Segment with the DAO and smart contract Wallets. With the rise of NFT-based P2E games, it’s crucial to build a community-driven ecosystem for NFT assets management in order to effectively rotate the assets among the active community members to Maximize the NFT DEFI potential.”

Simply put, AIP-324’s goal is to build the infrastructure needed for the $Ape community to manage NFTs together and maximize their NFTs’ potential in various games.

In total, Lamberti and 99Starz are asking the DAO to allocate $520,000 USD worth of $Ape to the project so they can build the smart contract wallets, integrate it with 5-7 games, build custom DAO features, among other things. If passed, Lamberti estimates that the smart contract wallets can be up and running within six months.

To find out more about AIP-324 and how these new smart contracts would work, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Lamberti for an interview. Check it out below:

1. In a sentence or two what is your AIP all about? Can you give me the non-technical pitch for this AIP?

“AIP-324 aims to develop a new tool for the ApeDAO: a specialized blockchain wallet—GameFi Smart Contract Wallets—for gamers, enabling better management of in-game assets like NFTs and tokens, encouraging community-driven engagement, and boosting the potential of NFT-based gaming economies.”

2. In a sentence or two why does the DAO need these smart contracts? What problem are we trying to fix?

“Smart contracts are essential to ensure the complete utilization of GameFi NFTs throughout their life cycle. This ensures that no GameFi NFT assets remain idle. These smart contracts have the authority to retrieve and transfer assets from idle wallets. Additionally, they facilitate the creation of NFTs for a broader player base that may not be inclined to adopt GameFi NFTs due to their high market value. These NFT assets can be accessed from the vault temporarily through access-controlled smart contract wallets, ensuring that NFT ownership remains uncompromised and the NFT owners can earn passive income from it. There will be dependencies on gaming platform integration constraints on what they support, how their assets are minted and whether it's inline with their community objectives.”

3. Can you explain what ‘smart contract Wallets for GameFi NFts and establish a Lend assets & rewarding vault for the Game community,’ means?

-Game vault The DAO will establish the Game Vault to store NFTs. Players who acquire these NFTs can engage in the game and earn rewards. -Lend assets any GameFi NFT holder can lend/ stake thier assets in the game vault so that player can own NFTs temporarily from the vault in their wallet for game time, earn reward and split it with the community. -Smart contract Wallets for GameFi NFts Smart contract wallets allow unique access policies and the rules for players and DAOs that are programmatically controlled and audited. The purpose of these smart contract wallets is that it holds the GameFi NFTs from the particular game vault, the player will be rewarded by the respective game and that reward will be distributed among the current owner, lender and the associated game vault members.”

4. If passed, what does AIP-324 mean for the average ApeCoin DAO Contributor?

“AIP-324, once approved, signifies an exciting advancement for ApeCoin DAO contributors by offering enhanced engagement opportunities within the GameFi realm. This proposal introduces a structured system that empowers contributors to actively participate in managing NFT assets, potentially increasing their value and fostering a more dynamic gaming community, thereby enriching the overall ApeCoin DAO experience.”

5. Why should the average voter support this AIP?

“The average voter, all the voters, are here because BAYC and Ape Coin/DAO is a success story. A massive brand and community is born from those NFTs. It’s now time to enrich the infrastructure and to prepare for the next bull wave. The ecosystem needs new tools, and be pioneering the industry. Any proposal that aims at introducing innovation and expansion should be supported by all those that care of the future of the ApeDAO, Ape Coin and relative ecosystem.”

6. What impact do you see AIP-324 having on the DAO?

“It brings a new perspective of what a DAO could do. In this specific case, the DAO becoming active player in the Gamefi industry will resonate and will sparkle an active engagement process. It will expand the reach and open up a new market for ApeCoin DAO.”

7. Where do you see this AIP a year from now?

“Fully integrated in the DAO and operative. We see the DAO becoming a major player in the web3 gamify, it has its assets, its community, its structure and participates actively in all the metaverses, games and dapps integrated. It will use these tools to leverage on marketing and strategies. A year from now, I see this AIP as a successful implementation that will have significantly enhanced the engagement, ownership, and deFi potential for NFT assets in the ApeCoin ecosystem. It will have attracted more players to Ape-related games, increased the organic participation in the DAO and subDAOs, and effectively grown the community. The ApeCoin ecosystem will also be more guild-friendly, with large investors and guilds feeling more motivated to invest in Ape-related NFTs and projects and bringing their network into the action.”

8. What should $apes know about you and this AIP before they vote?

“ I’m in the industry since 2017. I’ve witnessed the incredible rise of NFTs from funny jokes to real stuff. Nobody can today deny the potential of NFT technology and of web3 gamify, even after such long heavy winter market, we’re here to stay! The AIP-324 was suggested to me by Yat Siu in May. I initially didn’t fully understand his vision, but when I did I put all my team at work on it, to find if it was doable and how. You know, it’s the first of a kind tool for a DAO, so we stepped in the unknown. We then released the AIP idea and draft in July, adjusting some parts also thanks to the Ape Foundation questions and suggestions. Meanwhile the AIP-297 has been approved, and that will be our first use case.”

9. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Gratitude to my team, to all those supporting and all those questioning. I like when people challenge me because it gives me the opportunity to prove the validity of the AIP. During these intense days, I had the chance to know and talk to many nice and talented people, both in the Ape community and in the Mocaverse. Special thanks go to Yat Siu that once again surprised me with his visionary mind.”

The window to vote on AIP-324 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, November 22nd, to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIP-324 and the impact these new wallets will have on the DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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