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Q&A: This AIP Wants The ApeCoin DAO To $Ape Into The World Of Digital BillBoreds!

This Ape Improvement Proposal aims to bring the ApeCoin DAO into the world of digital advertisement by having it fund the creation of a network of digital billboreds that will advertise things inside and outside the Yugaverse, while creating a revenue stream for the DAO!

AIP-383 titled “The Public Bored – MVP (minimum viable product) Launch of a Digital Billboard Network’ is an ecosystem allocation fund proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor, MemeBrains.

“This AIP supports the MVP launch of an outdoor digital billboard network, with a primary objective of establishing a long-term sustainable business model that; helps fund the ApeCoin DAO treasury, establishes new use cases for $APE, expands the community of $APE builders, while providing the world with a progressively decentralized platform to showcase messaging and art,” he wrote.

In his proposal, MemeBrains explained that the outdoor digital advertising industry is ready for change and that there is an opportunity for a advertising company that lets businesses pick and choose when, where, and how much they can advertise!

To see if this idea for a digital adverting network works, MemeBrains leased a truck and will be conducting a minimum viable product launch during ETH Denver next month and is currently offering ad space on the vehicle during the 10-day event.

In AIP-383,  MemeBrains is asked the ApeCoin DAO for 75,000 $Ape to help cover the costs of the MVP and the creation of this venture.

If passed, MemeBrains said that “20% of all top-line revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin DAO treasury until the full cost of this AIP is returned. Anyone can earn a 10% rewards payout from all referrals. Every wallet hodling at least 5k $APE as at January 1st, 2024, will receive free display space on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, for however long the Ape community continues to support this initiative, a further 1% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin Treasury on-going, plus a quantity of TBD display space will be reserved for use by the ApeCoin DAO, and our Network of frens and fam, such as those at Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Ape Delegates, for life.”

To find out more about AIP-383 and how the digital billboreds will work, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to MemeBrains for an interview. Check it out below:


1. In a sentence or two can you sum up your proposal?

“AIP-383 is about decentralizing access to Digital Billboards, creating a revenue income stream for the DAO treasury, and sharing your messages and art with the world. If this AIP passes, the DAO treasury will receive its first revenue income by March 31, 2024, while simultaneously making a splash in the name of Ape, at the Ethereum Denver event next month with approximately 15,000 attendees, through the large digital billboard truck I have leased for us all to have fun with.”

 2. What inspired you to write this?

“I feel inspired to give back to this ecosystem which has supported me and been my primary focus for years. This initiative allows me to give free access to digital billboreds to everyone reading this article and beyond, while simultaneously supporting my passion to develop a sustainable and scalable business model to disrupt an old-school, centralized industry forever. As a founder in one of my past companies, I struggled to access digital billboards because they were too expensive, cumbersome, or always booked up. I sold that company, then at the end of 2019 I invested my personal money to start this exact digital billboard initiative, but the Covid lockdown forced me to pause the effort until now. My cofounder and I decided that now is the time to pick up where we left off, and to do it in the name of Ape.”

 3. Can you explain the role the DAO would play in your AIP?

“The DAOs role in this initiative is to help spread the word, and to engage this ecosystem in sharing messages and art, both at this upcoming MVP event in Denver next month and also as we scale and grow more broadly.”

 4. Where do you see the Public Bored a year from now?

“In a year from now I aim to have established sustainable business revenue for this venture, to become a reliable source of income for the DAO treasury, and perhaps most importantly, to have inspired other proposal authors to help generate revenue for the DAO treasury as well.”

 5. Why is digital advertising a market that the ApeCoin DAO should enter?

“This initiative is more meaningful than basic advertising. This is about freedom of expression, decentralizing public mediums, and it's about exploring revenue generation options for the treasury. The treasury needs income in order to become sustainable. And in order to do that, we need more authors to come up with ideas to generate that revenue. As a bonus, the DAO plus all our ecosystem friends get to receive free access to display messages in art next month at ETH Denver, and in the future too as we expand.”

 6. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“So far 300+ people have reserved their free spots on the digital billboard truck and we've already sold over $6,000 in sponsorships. This idea is catching on, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and with your 'yes' vote, the DAO can be a part of this too.”


The window to vote on AIP-383 is currently open and $Apes have until tomorrow, February 1st, to cast their coins.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow aIP-383 and will let you know how the DAO votes on this AIP tomorrow night. Stay tuned for updates!

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