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Q&A: This Proposal Aims To Create A Community Lead Discourse Team. Find Out More About AIP-240

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The ApeCoin DAO is voting on a proposal that aims to establish a community lead Discourse team to handle the DAO’s administrative duties.

AIP-240 titled “Community Discourse Facilitators,” is a process proposal written by Working Group Zero Steward Waabam.

“Facilitating the AIP process on Discourse is essential to the governance of the DAO,” Waabam wrote. “While this function was performed by the DAO’s previous administrator, the responsibility was transferred to WG0 as a part of the effort to decentralize the DAO. With WG0’s mandate coming to an end shortly, the DAO must contract new Discourse Facilitators to assume these responsibilities. The team will ensure that the Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) process continues smoothly, in addition to overseeing that all discussions are productive and aligned with the DAO’s mission and values.”

In AIP-240, Waabam asked the DAO to allocate $80,000 USD to the Discourse facilitators team in order to pay the three Discourse administrators $8,000 USD each per month for three months.

To find out more about this proposal and why the DAO needs Discourse Facilitators, the Bored Ape Gazette interviewed Waabam. Take a look at the conversation below:

Can you tell me a bit about you and how you got into the ApeCoin DAO?

“I’m an ape, a crypto enthusiast since 2017, and a lawyer. I became seriously involved in the ApeCoin DAO in August 2022 after leaving my legal job to focus on web-3. I was a founding member of ApeComms, and then became a Steward of the DAO’s Working Group Zero in January 2023.”

In a sentence or two can you sum up AIP-240?

“AIP-240 will hire a small team of highly active ApeCoin DAO members to act as Discourse Facilitators for a period of four months. These Facilitators are responsible for ensuring that the AIP process moves smoothly on discourse. They are also responsible for drafting analysis reports for each AIP which are reviewed by ApeCoin Special Council.”

Why should the DAO create and fund a Discourse Facilitators team?

“Discourse Facilitators are central to DAO operations. They are the primary point of contact with AIP authors. They ask AIP authors questions and guide them through the AIP process from when an idea is just posted, all the way to when the AIP is sent to Special Council for final review prior to going to vote. Discourse Facilitators also develop analysis reports which Special Council rely on when deciding whether to send an AIP to vote.”

Why does the DAO need Discourse Facilitators?

“The AIP process cannot function with Discourse Facilitators. This was a service previously performed by the DAO’s Cayman Islands Administrator, Cartan Group. The Stewards of WG0 have been performing this work since the DAO passed AIP-196, to decentralize DAO operations.”

What happens if AIP-240 fails?

“If AIP-240 does not pass then the Ape Foundation will be forced to find some kind of stop-gap solution for Discourse Facilitation until another proposal is passed. It could result in the AIP process slowing down dramatically, depending on what Special Council decides to. Special Council does have a discretionary monthly budget that they can use in emergency situations. They could use that budget to engage Discourse Facilitators as a stop-gap option. Whether they would do so in this case however is a question for Special Council.”

What should the community know about you and your aip before they vote?

"I have been working in the DAO full time for 9 months and have worked very closely with the Stewards of WG0, the members of ApeCoin Special Council, the DAO’s legal team (Fenwick & West), and others, to develop this AIP and proposal for Discourse Facilitators. This proposal is only for a term of 4 months. After August 2023 it will become the responsibility of the Governance Working Group to hire Discourse Facilitators. They will also be able to assess whether 3 Discourse Facilitators is the correct number of people for this role. Or if more, or less people are needed. To be clear, in this AIP, we are hiring 3 people to work full time as Discourse Facilitators for the next 4 months.”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“Lost, Vulkan and Amplify have been doing this job for the last two months. They have done an incredible job have cut in half the time it takes AIPs to pass through the Idea and Draft phase. The AIP process is the most important part of the DAO - it is the DAO’s bread and butter. Their track record exhibits the benefit of having highly qualified people who are passionate about the DAO engaged as Discourse Facilitators.”

The Window to vote on AIP-240 is currently open and $Ape holders have until tomorrow night to cast their coins.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-240 and will let you know how the DAO votes tomorrow night. Stay tuned for updates!

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