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QUARTER TWO: The ApeCoin DAO Is Set To Distribute 30M $Ape To Stakers Over The Next Three Months

91 days after the ApeCoin DAO kicked off its staking system, 35,000,000 $Ape has been distributed via the protocol and another 30,000,000 $Ape will be distributed over the next three months!

Its hard to believe, but the first quarter of the ApeCoin DAO’s staking protocol has come to an end; and the community has now entered the DAO’s second quarter of staking rewards.

During this second quarter, the ApeCoin DAO will distribute a total of 30,000,000 $Ape between the DAO’s four staking pools with 9,000,000 $Ape going to the $Ape only Pool, 14,131,500 $Ape going to the BAYC Pool, 5,718,000 $Ape going to the MAYC Pool, and 1,150,500 $Ape going to the BAKC Paired Pool, according to

While the first quarter of staking may be over, fear not. $Apes still have a lot of staking ahead.

The 30,000,000 $Ape, that will be distributed between now and June 11th, 2023, is part of the 100,000,000 $Ape that the ApeCoin community voted to distribute during the first year of the DAO's three year staking plan. In total the DAO will distribute 175 Million $Ape to Stakers over the next three years, according to AIP 21& AIP 22.

Take a look at the ApeCoin staking reward schedule below:

At the time of this article’s publication, 114,410,288 $Ape is currently staked, according to A_Raving_Ape’s Dune analytics page.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover $Ape staking and will keep you posted on the distribution schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

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