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RAISE A GLASS: The ApeCoin DAO Approved Bored Brewing Co's AIP Last Night!

The ApeCoin DAO raised a glass and toasted to the future success of Bored Brewing Co after the community passed this Made By Apes Brand's Ape Improvement Proposal late last night!

Third time's a charm at the ApeCoin DAO as the community let out three cheers and overwhelmingly approved Bored Brewing Co's resubmitted AIP, making history in the ecosystem as the first proposal to give the DAO an equity stake in its business!

“I'm super excited to be the first AIP to give equity back to the DAO, and can't wait to do 10 incredible collaborations with our Web3 frens,” Bored Brewing Co Founder Pieter told the Gazette. “Our Taproom and Clubhouse is already under construction and opening in a couple months!, plus our first 4 Seltzers launch shipping to 45 States in 2-3 weeks! Can’t wait to hang out IRL and in the Otherside telling story and creating memories with our incredible Web3 and Web2 frens.”

After the ApeCoin DAO passed Bored Brewing Co’s AIP, the DAO will allocate 149,696 $Ape to the project in exchange for a 2.5% equity stake in the company.

With these funds, Bored Brewing Co will ferment folks' knowledge on $Ape by incorporating QR codes onto every can, giveaway ten thousand ‘DAO Lager’ beers to $Ape holders, deliver another ten thousand beers to select Web3 community events, and create an irl taproom/ clubhouse that everyone can check out soon!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Brewing Co and will let you know when you can get your hands on a DAO Lager, as well as keep you posted on everything they are brewing. Stay tuned for updates!

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