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RESULTS: The ApeCoin DAO Elected Hazel, BoredApeG, And Airvey As Its Next Special Council Members!

The ApeCoin DAO's winter election season came to an end last night after the community voted to re-elect BoredApeG and elect Hazel and Airvey to the DAO's Special Council!



After almost two months of politicking, Twitter Spaces, and posts, the ApeCoin DAO went to the polls last night, casting over 43 million coins in this winter’s Special Council election.



In the end, Hazel, BoredApeG, and Airvey were elected with 15 million $Ape, 13 million $Ape, and 9.1 million $Ape cast for each of them, respectively.


Following his reelection last night, BoredApeG took to Twitter and thanked the community for their continued support and promised a ‘sexier’ second term!


“THANK YOU to the @ApeCoin community Looking forward to another year on Special Council working with  @FansMush @hervelarren_ alongside  @Waabam_eth @CapetainTrippy," he tweeted. "Year 1: A lot of boring, unsexy organization work Year 2: All sexy, 𝙈𝙊𝙍𝙀 𝘾𝙊𝙒𝘽𝙀𝙇𝙇 L-F-G



Airvey echoed BoredApeG’s excitement regarding 2024 and promised a productive year.


“Looking forward to a productive 2024 alongside @Waabam_eth @CapetainTrippy @BoredApeG @FansMush,” he tweeted.”

As BoredApeG and Airvey shared their thoughts on the year ahead, Hazel took to Twitter and thanked her supporters!



Hazel, BoredApeG, and Airvey will begin their terms on the DAO’s Special Council on January 1st, 2024, joining CapetainTrippy and Waabam on the board!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council and will keep you posted on what they do next year. Stay tuned for updates!

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