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RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR: The Residents Of New Tokyo Watched A Grailed Inspired Firework Display This Evening!

The residents of New Tokyo are having a blast this 10KTF Thursday as the project rings in the New Year with a Grailed inspired Firework display!


After an explosive 2023 for the project that included Grailed Puma shoes, Gucci physicals, and Battle Town Season 2, 10KTF lit up the New Tokyo skyline with a firework display showcasing its seven Grailed Classes: 1. Kraken, 2.Ninetails, 3.Golem, 4. Swampy, 5. Mosura, 6. Megajaw, 7. Toadz.




As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, 10KTF pulled back the curtain on its highly anticipated, and often speculated about, PFP collection, The Grailed, on October 12, 2023.


“The upcoming 10KTF collection is called The Grailed,” 10KTF’s Tervork tweeted. “It's inspired by seminal moments in Wagmi-san's life. These stories are lessons representing a balance of virtues that make him who he is today and guidance for who we can be tomorrow. It is his life's work, and gift to us all.”



Since then, we’ve gotten several looks at these PFP types and learned that popcorn rewards from BattleTown season 2 can be added to G-Tags in the future to enhance the PFP and that G-Tag holders will be able to fuse their G-Tags together to get rarer PFPs eventually.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Grailed and will let you know when they make their debut in New Tokyo. Stay tuned for updates!

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