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ROCK ON: KINGSHIP Launched Its First Roblox Experience Today& Plans To Do More In The Metaverse!

After the Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired musical group KINGSHIP went missing in the Roblox universe today, players found it, and now the band is getting ready to open its new party island tomorrow!

On Thursday, BAYC members, Roblox players and music enjoyoors were invited to KINGSHIP Island on an important mission to help the band’s Manager, Monet All, find the music group after primates were stranded following a plane crash!

“We need your help,” KINGSHIP tweeted this afternoon. “The Apes are missing. Find them on KINGSHIP Islands. @Roblox today at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT / 9pm CET.”

Upon arriving at this mysteriously musical island, players completed quests, defeated bosses, searched for the missing band members, and of course hanged out and vibed in Floating Villa!

After players saved the group today, KINGSHIP told the Gazette that they big plans for 'KINGSHIP Islands' going forward.

“It’s an immersive RPG game, marking the debut of Ape IP on Roblox, KINGSHIP told the Gazette. “We're dedicated to creating an experience for our community and holders to share with their kids. Join us on KINGSHIP Islands to explore 3D renditions of all the Apes, discover exclusive limited UGC items for trading, and enjoy quality time with friends in the gated Floating Villa (exclusive to NFT holders)."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow KINGSHIP and will let you know more about their Roblox game as more information is released. Stay tuned for updates!

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