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ROCKY MOUNTAIN ADS: You Can Claim A Free Spot On The Public Bored's Display Truck! Here's How:

$Apes, Apes, and the Yugaverse at large can still claim a free spot on the ApeCoin DAO-funded Public Bored digital display truck that will be rolling through the Rocky Mountains this week!

As the Ethereum ecosystem descends on Denver, Colorado, for three days of conferences, the ApeCoin DAO and the Yugaverse at large will be making their presence known on the streets surrounding the event; and there’s still time for you to join in on the advertising action!

“Buckle up, degens,” The Public Bored’s Creator, MemeBrains recently tweeted. “Our tri-sided digital display truck is rolling through Ethereum Denver's busiest streets from Feb 28th - Mar 3rd. claim your free Display Spot now. 15,000 attendees, 1 truck, LFG! Have some fun, kick off 2024 with a bang, show off our art, share your opinions, troll our frens, promote your venture, whatever TF you want! It's not just a truck; it's your canvas in motion. Whether you're flashing your crypto cred for 10 sec or going lunar with a hours-long showcase, we've got you covered. Sponsors welcome. Buy some space and we luv u long time.”

In order to get your NFT, idea, or message on the Public Bored Truck, $Apes, Apes, and Yugaverse NFT holders must verify their wallet via Snapshot on the Public Bored website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Public Bored and will let you know how the project’s Eth Denver endeavor goes later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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