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Season 3 Of Legends Of The Mara Ends On May 7th. Here's How You Can Finish The Season Strong

While the Legends of The Mara will now continue with the Faraway Gaming Studios team after Yuga Labs sold the intellectual property to them earlier this month, there is still time for Voyagers to chart their own course in this 2D Otherside experience before the third and final season of the game's beta ends next month.

After seven months of fighting shattered and farming Otherdeeds alongside their Maras and Kodas, Voyagers will be saying goodbye to the beta version of the LOTM on May 7th.



To help you finish the last few days of LOTM strong, the Bored Ape Gazette’s resident gamer Mr. Mugen has put together a list of value plays for farming sediment and getting loot. Check it out below:


To get started in season 3, the best value play would be to grab a tier 1 or tier 2 Deed, since the lower tier deeds require less Mara/Koda to farm or to fight off the Shattered. Enchanter Mara are optional depending on budget, but enchanter support does make a difference in efficiency.

Looking to farm sediments? Grab a farmer Mara, but check the global supply to make sure there are still fragments left. There are five sediments that can be farmed: biogenic swamp, chemical goo, rainbow atmos, infinite expanse, and cosmic dream. Also consider a tier 3 sediment Deed for maximum efficiency.

Defending against the Shattered requires a hunter Mara or assigning a Koda as a hunter. With limited time left in the season, it is recommended to have a higher tier Mara or Koda to make sure the Shattered is defeated. Enchanters are also recommended to ensure defeat.


Loot boxes with different rarity will drop once the Shattered is defeated. Different treasures can be found from ship parts to random objects. Following the recent Faraway acquisition, it is unclear how ships parts can be utilized.


With season 3 of Legends of the Mara coming to an end, there is still time to play. Lower tier Deeds are recommended in terms of value as less Mara/Koda is needed to participate. Farm sediment fragments or defend against the Shattered to obtain loot boxes.


Stay up to date with Yuga Labs Gaming news by following The Bored Ape Gazette as we continue to bring coverage of Legends of the Mara as season 3 comes to a close!

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