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Season Four Of The HV-MTL Forge Is Here And It's Totally Trippy!

You aren’t hallucinating, Season four of the HV-MTL Forge is here, and its far-out man.

On Thursday, Season three of the HV-MTL Forge came to an end and the Bored Ape Yacht Club welcomed the community to the game’s psychedelic fourth season dubbed ‘Trippin’ Out!’

During season four, HV-MTL Holders and their Mechs will get to decorate their Forges with all sorts of mind-bending items like Aliens, toads, UFOs, among other things.

Like the earlier seasons, BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC holders will each have the chance to craft holder NFT exclusive items to make their Forges to Otherworldly!

Along with all new vibrant items, the BAYC also introduced missions to the HV-MTL Forge.

“HVs can now complete missions that offer chances to rack up votes,” the club tweeted. “Missions will give you votes for each completed task that day. Completing all tasks in a mission will give you a passive vote each day. Check out the updated game guide and FAQ more for.”

While these new items and missions are great, the main event of Season Four is when the highly anticipated HV-MTL Forge ‘Rift’ opens for the first time on September 7th.

While we do not know much about what happens once the Rift opens, the BAYC did share a new gamer guide today titled ‘The Hunt’ and told the community that it’s time for them to get ready for battle.

“It’s time to prepare your HV for expeditions, and adventure into the Rift,” the BAYC wrote in the guide. “You’ll gather resources in the different biomes to prepare your HV for combat. Don’t dilly-dally — the Final Boss is waiting, and he’s kind of an asshole.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is currently working on a breakdown of the new gamer guide and will publish a full report later tonight.

As HV-MTL Holders wait for the Rift to open next week, the BAYC recommended that players continue to ‘build up energy’ and ‘build out tiles’ until they see the Rift portal in their Forge. This extra energy will give players access into the Rift and additional HV-MTL upgrades, according to an infographic that the club shared last week.

HV-MTL Holders and their Mechs will want to make their way through the Rift so they can compete in the ‘raid boss battle’ and earn $Ape rewards!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage on HV-MTL season four and will bring you a full report on the Rift later tonight. Stay tuned for updates!

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