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SERUM CITY SHOWDOWN: Novel Labs' City Builder Game Opens Tomorrow And Oath Holders, Mutant Hounds, And Apes Can Come And Compete!

Get ready to step into Serum City tomorrow where the Mutant Cartel rules the metropolis and hounds roam the streets!


Serum City is a city-builder game developed by Faraway and is the first game that was not created by Yuga Labs to be powered by $Ape!


At this time, Mutant Cartel Oath holders and Mutant Hounds can claim their city passes and  BAYC and MAYC holders will be able to claim their passes to get into town tomorrow morning!

For non-holders, city passes will also be available for purchase on secondary markets.


Once in Serum City, it's all about hustle! The goal of the game is to create a headquarters and start building houses, community structures, factories, tradable goods, among other items. All while players work to expand their territory, defeat rival gangs and bosses, and climb the ranks to become a Cartel Boss!


Here are some things you should know about Serum City before the game opens tomorrow!

Buildings: Buildings have different functions with higher-tier buildings unlocking special mechanics. Discover different crafting recipes and item combinations to create powerful jewelry, weapons and armor specific to the type of HQ. Being the first to discover recipes will inscribe a player’s name in the City’s Archives.

Game Play: Complete daily tasks to be awarded doubloons, xp, and action points, Keep residents of Serum City happy by making it simple for them to commute to work by designing an efficient city. To reach the top and expand territory, players have to battle rival gangs and bosses. Players will only be able to challenge other gangs and bosses once certain requirements are met.


The Smugglers Den: This is where players craft simple elements for higher level creations.


Next lets take a closer look at what we know about Serum City’s Rewards!


By playing the game and fulfilling tasks, players can move up the ranks and obtain rewards like items and coins.

Climb the ranks by using items to earn points and compete across different leaderboards!

Earlier this week, Novel Labs Founder, Lior.Eth, announced that Serum City Season 1 and 2 will have a minimum prize pool of $100,000 and players will have the chance to win 1 of 1 NFTs.

In conclusion, Serum City is a city-builder game with gorgeous graphic that set the perfect tone that screams Mutant Cartel. True to the core of the lore, players build their cities to craft unique items and gear to expand their territory by battling bosses and rivals.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Serum City and will let you know more about the game when it officially launches tomrorow. Stay tuned for updates!


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