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SHILLY SUMMER: This Otherside Star Just Dropped His Latest Single, "Naked& Sideways."

It’s shilly season around the swamp as Otherside singing sensation Shilly released his first community produced song that could be the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s summer anthem!

Things went from mundane& boring to hot& steamy for this non-fungible musician after he and his holders released their first community created song titled “Naked& Sideways,” which is based on a true story!

“Naked & Sideways is the first ever Shilly track to be created in collaboration with holders,” Shilly’s unpaid manager Shwaz wrote. “The song is based on a real life (naked) story submitted by Band Pass holder Julius Btesh (@D34thSt4lker) and co-written with Shilly Studio Manager and Band Pass holder Brianna Ferraro (@Bri_Zzeyy). Naked & Sideways is speedy, ear-wormy, and nostalgic and Shilly thinks it has serious Song of The Summer potential. Let's mosh.”

Apes can listen to this summer song below:

At the time of this article’s publication, Naked& Sideways’ is second on the SoundXYZ chart!

Along with releasing the song on social media, Shilly, Shwaz and the Shilly Pass holder community are also selling commemorative genesis music NFTs of the song on SoundXYZ.

“This is the first track we created in collaboration with community members all of whom are receiving splits from the tracks streaming royalties and NFT sales,” Shwaz told the Gazette.

Apes and web3 enthusiast who are interested in picking up this commemorative NFT can do so here:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Shilly released his first music video in December 2022 titled “I’m Boring.”

Since his first song, Shilly has released a second song titled “Elizabeth Holmes,” collaborated with Ape Rave Club, performed live in New York City, and launched his Shilly Passholder NFT collection, which gave holders creative control over Shilly and his music!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Shilly and will let you know what he and his community do next! Stay tuned for updates!

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