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"SOME REALLY WEIRD SHIT" : The BAYC Released Its Prologue Video For The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey

Bored Ape Yacht Club Co-Founder Garga wasn’t kidding when he said that the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey was “some really weird shit.”

On Wednesday, the BAYC took to Twitter and shared a nearly two-minute prologue video for the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey and it was anything but bored and shitty!

The video began with Jimmy shitting his brains out in an outhouse at the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

After the mischievous monkey finished his business, the BAYC’s mascot, Curtis, entered and outhouse and was disgusted by what he smelled.

As Jimmy the Monkey laughed and left Curtis at the outhouse, knives began to fly at the notable primate.

Then, without warning, a bored knight emerged from the toilet and presented Curtis with a mysterious box. This is the same box that the BAYC tweeted an image of on Thanksgiving earlier this year.

The Knight opened the box and showed Curtis what was inside before promptly closing the box and handing Curtis its key.

The knight then hopped back down the toilet and disappeared.

Curtis then left the outhouse and went back to the BAYC where he showed his fellow Bored Apes the mystery box. Instead of examining ancient box and key, the primates did what any Bored Apes would do and used the items to consume copious amounts of alcohol!

Everything was good and boring until the mischievous Jimmy the Monkey hopped up on the beer pong table and accidently consumed the key to the ancient box!

Shocked by Jimmy’s actions, the Apes chased the monkey in an effort to get the valuable key back. As the primates chased Jimmy, the Monkey ran to the bathroom and locked himself inside.

Jimmy frantically locked the door and tried to throw up the key. When that didn’t work, the monkey sat down on the can and tried to see a man about a key.

Jimmy pushed and pushed to get the key out to no avail. In fact, the monkey pushed so hard that he passed out on the can.

When Curtis and his fellow Bored Apes realized that they would be unable to retrieve the key now, the primates took to the sewers and went up the drain to retrieve the key from Jimmy’s butt.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on continued coverage of tonight’s announcement, including a breakdown of all the other information we received this evening. Stay tuned for updates!

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