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SOMNIA SOMETHING: Somnia Launched Its New Metaverse Browser Today And Everyone Is Invited To Ape In!

Somnia-thing is brewing in the expanded Yugaverse as Somnia launched its metaverse browser and invited the Yuga Labs ecosystem to ape in! 

On Wednesday, Somnia, ‘an L1 blockchain that Apes, Kodas, and Voyagers will be able to get an airdrop from for helping build the Otherside and beyond,’ announced its new 'metaverse browser' that everyone can download and make the virtual world a reality!

“The #Somnia Metaverse Browser has just launched,” the blockchain tweeted. “Metaverse Browser is your gateway to the virtual society and all of the incentives it has to offer! Perfect your avatar, explore events, complete #quests or create your own worlds — effortlessly. Dive in today and shape your digital destiny!”

To kick off the new browser, Somnia is also hosting a ‘Points Dream Hunt’ with $20,000 USDT of prizes up for grabs!

“You’ll start this new season off by downloading and installing The Metaverse Browser on your PC or Mac, and then creating a wallet in The Metaverse Browser using the same email that you have associated with Galxe and Zealy,” Somnia wrote. “On the quest leaderboard, you will be able to see all of the available Somnia quests, from Galxe, Zealy and primarily from the Metaverse browser. The points you collected by contributing to the Somnia ecosystem will be rewarded right before the mainnet launch. This is just the first incentive program of many, so stay tuned for more opportunities to earn points and prizes as we roll out new features.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs CEO Garga first announced that Apes, Mutants, Kodas, and Voyagers to be rewarded with Somnia tokens for helping build Otherside during the company’s metaverse Town Hall meeting on May 2nd.

“Let’s talk rewards for builders,” Garga tweeted in a recap of the town hall. “This part gets complicated but stick with me. Somnia is a new pre-token Layer 1 blockchain. It’s fast, despite the name. But in addition to being a Layer 1, it’s also an omni-chain protocol that enables some cool interoperability across metaverses. Otherside is powered by ApeCoin and ApeChain, not the Somnia blockchain (we’re just doing stuff with the protocol). Anyway. We made a deal with Somnia so that all Otherdeed, Koda, BAYC, and MAYC holders will be able to complete quests and accrue Somnia points for participating in Otherside development and the next Somnia quest seasons. And the bonuses stack big time, ensuring a massive chunk of rewards goes to Otherside holders who build the metaverse. Basically: Help build the metaverse, and this pre-token Layer 1 blockchain will reward you.”

Apes who are interested in taking part in the Somnia ecosystem and building on their new browser can find out more here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about Somnia’s new browser and will keep you posted on every quest, activation, and opportunity that the new chain has to offer. Stay tuned for updates!

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