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SPOTLIGHT: In Celebration Of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Meet Yuga Labs’ Charlie Ruiz

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we're excited to introduce you to Charlie from Yuga Labs’ Engineering team. Charlie will share some insights into how he celebrates his heritage, the influence of family traditions, and thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Let's dive into Charlie's unique perspective as we celebrate this special month.

How do you personally celebrate and honor your Hispanic heritage during this special month?

“We throw a Mexican fiesta on the 15th (or the nearest weekend) to coincide with Mexican Independence Day. And I have to admit, we whip up plenty of Mexican cuisine all year round, not just during this month!”

Can you share a bit about your family's cultural traditions and their influence on your life and career?

“My family instilled in me the value of lending a helping hand, no matter what because someday, someone will do the same for you. So far, that philosophy has served me pretty darn well!”

Are there any role models or figures who have greatly influenced your career path?

“Absolutely! In a broad sense, I've looked up to any Mexican who's made it big. Whether it's sports icons like "El Canelo," business moguls like Carlos Slim, or creative geniuses like Guillermo del Toro, they've shown that achieving seemingly impossible feats is within our grasp as Mexicans. On a more personal level, my first boss, Ricardo Cruz, taught me to believe in myself as much as he believed in me, to set lofty goals, and to chase them relentlessly.”

Can you highlight a significant achievement or milestone in your career that you're especially proud of?

“Despite growing up in a place that didn't encourage folks to follow their dreams, I cared for myself from 17 onward. I went to college, earned my degree, learned English, landed some rewarding gigs, got married, and relocated to the US, where I'm now living the life I've always envisioned.”

How do you see the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month contributing to a more inclusive corporate culture?

“I recently grasped the concept of "feeling represented" while watching a Marvel movie featuring a main character rooted in ancient Mexican culture, portrayed by a Mexican actor. It felt incredibly gratifying.”

Are there any particular efforts or undertakings to foster inclusivity within the Hispanic community at Yuga Labs?

“Our DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) committee is on top of that, and I'm all for it. They've never made me feel like a mere "token." Instead, they actively foster an environment where diverse cultures and backgrounds unite, enriching our workplace.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to bring you Yuga Labs team member spotlights! Stay tuned for updates!

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