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SPOTLIGHT: Made By Apes Brand By Autistic Is Doing A Charity Art Mint To Help Specially Abled Youth In Ghana

The Made By Apes brand, By Autistic, is bringing hope to the blockchain during the charity's first-of-its-kind art mint featuring works made by specially abled youth in Ghana, with proceeds aimed to help enable the disabled!

On Tuesday, Bored Ape Yacht Club member and By Autistic Founder, David B’s project, For The Autistic By The Autistic, that’s focuses on reducing harm to special needs children in Ghana by financially empowering families, giving education on autism and providing free and subsidized healthcare, is hosting an art mint on Fair.Xyz.


"Today, in the realm of Web3, we are presented with a profound opportunity to unite and enact tangible change in people's lives," David tweeted. "Now is the moment to harness the transformative power of technology for the greater good. Minting @byautistic now on @fairxyz :"

During the mint, Web3 enthusiasts will be able to purchase one of 100 Love NFTs for 1 Eth, one of 200 Hope NFTs for 0.5 Eth, or one of 2,222 Humanity NFTs for 0.05 Eth.

“The art being minted, was acquired through an inspiring art workshop where our special children explored various NFTs and expressed their visions on digital canvases,” David tweeted.

“Every child deserves love, support, and a chance to thrive,” David told the Gazette. “We refuse to stand by while children with autism are abandoned by their parents. Our goal is to destigmatize autism, empower families, and create a more inclusive society where every child is valued.”

Today’s mint is not the first time that David has used the power of Web3 to help those in need. Since 2022, David has been bringing the Yugaverse and the broader Web3 space together to help Ghanaian Children with special needs.



You can support David's work and help specially abled Ghanaian Children by purchasing an NFT from For The Autistic By The Autistic here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow By Autistic and David and will keep you posted on what they do next!

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