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SPOTLIGHT: These Gamers Are Managing 400 Forges! Find Out More About Them& Learn Some Forging Tips!

Yuga’s Otherside gamification is providing new opportunities for skilled gamers. Play-to-mint is not new, but lately Yuga has been implementing the concept into their NFTs.

0xCheddie’s journey as a digital asset manager started with dodging cows and sewer pipes in Dookey Dash.

Early on, he noticed that there was a market for high ranking passes and with this realization, he put 10+ hours a day to achieving the best rank he could, eventually landing in the top 1000.

After showing proof of work, he started reaching out to top BAYC holders to see if they were interested in his services.

His efforts paid off as several members were willing to work with him!

As time went on, the competition got stiffer as better gamers started to enter the Dookey space to also take advantage of the opportunity.

0xCheddie was quick to think on his feet and began hiring more skilled gamers to improve his chances of landing higher ranks for his clients.

Today, 0xCheddie is working with Nitrous Mx who is managing 125 out of 400 HVs that have been delegated to 0xCheddie.

Nitrous Mx who is a seasoned gamer with experience from games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. Although these games are very different from Forge, he says that he's enjoyed managing 125 HVs and even shared some tips to help the community Forge ahead!

To be efficient Nitrous Mx uses up to five tabs at a time when playing and voting. Also, instead of using the game launcher for voting, he copies the URL and pastes it into a tab making it so he only needs to have logged in using Metamask extension.

Another tip that Nitrous recommends is the use of 'binding lateral mouse buttons' to copy and paste, so that the voting process is faster; he also uses some macros for page up and page down to move quickly between screens.

As Yuga continues to work on Otherside, a niche for skilled gamers has emerged!

If you’re looking for Forging delegation, you can contact @0xCheddie or @NitrousMx!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Yugaverse gaming economy and will introduce you to more pro gamers in the space! Stay tuned for updates!

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