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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Ape Has Been Doo-Key Dashing In VR. Find Out More

While most Bored Ape Yacht Club members have been glued to their computer screens Doo-Key Dashing for the last twelve days, this BAYC member went a step further and totally emersed himself in the sewers underneath the club.

BAYC member ApeofPoland went viral earlier this month after he shared a video of himself Doo-Key Dashing in virtual reality.

“Enjoying #DookeyDash the way I love to play: in VR,” he wrote “@BoredApeYC#bayc #mayc.”

In the video you can see ApeOfPoland moving and grooving as he directs his runner through the garbage filled sewers.

“You can really feel the sewer,” ApeOfPoland told the Gazette.” ;) It's really immersive, even though it's not a native VR experience. I find myself physically dodging obstacles from time to time, so it translates very well.”

Check out the Gazette’s full interview with ApeOfPoland and find out how you can Doo-Key Dash in VR too!

How’d you set this up to play the game on VR?

“I play on a “virtual desktop” through the SteamVR dashboard. Motion controller works as a pointer. So it's not true VR gameplay, but with a massive screen filling your vision. There are additional apps, like GameVRoom that allow you for more advanced controller mapping. You can also connect Oculus via Link to your computer.”

How does a VR Doo-Key run compare to a mousepad Doo-Key run?

"It has its pros and cons. You have better spatial orientation and view on the obstacles, but your reaction is slower since there are larger hand movements. This also means sometimes less precision that can cost You a round."

Any tips or tricks for your fellow dashers who may want to try doo-key dash in VR?

"Try to find the best screen size to your distance ratio. While launching SteamVR dashboard, put your head close to the floor so when you upscale the screen it will be in the center. Don't limit your hand movement to your wrist."

What’s your VR high score?

"It's not that impressive :P As this is non-native VR game, it's hard to find a competitive edge."

Do you have anything else you’d like to say or share?

"I really encourage everyone to get their VR headset. It's definitely the future of Metaverse and the next level of fun. Motion sickness is something You adjust to in time. The more people will play with VR, the more incentives will Otherside have to implement it!"

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Doo-Key Dash and will keep you posted on the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. Stay tuned for updates!

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