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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Ape Is Teaming Up With K12 Crypto To Teach High Schoolers About Web3

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member is setting up an event to introduce high school students in Los Angeles to crypto and Web3; and she needs your help!

BAYC member Ms. NFTy is teaming up with K12Crypto Founder and educator, Principal Rahh, to host an NFT Youth Summit in Los Angeles County on March 15th.

“In order to set our next generations up for a better chance of success, we must arm them with the tools to change their lives, and those that come after them,” Ms. NFTy told the Gazette. Web3 is disrupting every industry and in educating the youth, they will have a greater earning power and upper hand in innovating in this space!”

The NFT Youth summit event will definitely be anything but boring!

During the event, students will participate in various breakout sessions that will cover everything from blockchain basics to NFT use cases!

“The pathway to a better world is through education,” Principal Rahh told the Gazette. “Here at K12 Crypto our mission is to have all k-12 education institutions to value students as creators. In doing this we felt that launching a Next Generation Financial Teaching Summit was the best way to introduce the creator economy to the next generation of creators which are our students.”

To help teach the kids about the power of Web3 and introduce them to the creator economy, Ms. NFTy and Principal Rahh are looking for builders in the space to contribute whatever they can for the kids!

“We are still looking for APES to UNITE in order to help sprinkle that extra Web3 LOVE to really impress upon our youth the value & innovative ways Web3 can change their lives,” Ms. NFTy said. “Whether it be something cool to add to their gift bags; to a gift card for an experience; or an activation on site that will blow their minds to simply showing up to put all hands-on deck for the day.”

If you’re interested in contributing, you can reach out to Ms. NFTy on Twitter @MS_NFTy.

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