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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Beekeeper Has The Community Buzzing For His Honeycomb Merch!

This Bored Beekeeper’s new attire business is buzzing as he combines his love of crypto with his life’s purpose, beekeeping!

Bored Ape Yacht Club Member FriendlyCitizenJoe went from farming tilapia and veggies to mining Bitcoin and beekeeping in his pursuit of sustainable living and clean food options!

“A family member introduced me to a beekeeper, and he taught me the ways of the beekeeper and I teach it to everyone I know, “ Joe told the Gazette. “Then work got me into crypto and I was mining bitcoin when it was around $300 or less. I like the idea of it and back then It was impossible to explain it to anyone else.”

While cryptocurrency is still tough for Joe to explain to most people, he’s found it much easier to discuss digital ownership and the value of NFTs with others.

In March 2022, Joe joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club by purchasing Bored Ape #1133. Since then, he started an apparel business that combined his interest in crypto with his love of bees that has everyone inside and outside the Yugaverse buzzing!

“It Feels amazing to just have a symbol icon that most people recognize and understand the value of, and everything there is cost price and value, he said. “The value is worth more than the cost of the price 99% of the time and the value to be able to go to a party and talk about beekeeping is more than anyone could appreciate. Getting the word out about beekeeping through the bored community has been wonderful and other people are also beekeepers that use their IP to sell products.”

Currently, Joe is selling his bored bee merch online and is in the process of joining the Made By Apes program!

Through his merch he hopes to inspire others to learn about conservation and cement his legacy as a friend of the bees!

“I combined the two because I feel beekeeping is my purpose in life," he said. “If I could be remembered for one thing it would be that I’m a friendly beekeeper.”

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