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SPOTLIGHT: This Crypto Artist Is Reimagining People's PFPs As LFG Blobs Shooting Their Shot During The Bull Market!

Ordinary PFPs are so last year! As the crypto markets turn bullish and Degens 'choose rich every time,' this crypto artist is giving NFT enthusiasts' profile photos the 'Let's Fucking Go' edit, reimagining the Web3 community as simple blobs shooting their shots and raising a glass to generational wealth!

As the Web3 world locks in and apes into the memecoin of the day and traders turn into millionaires or bag holders at the drop of a hat, crypto artist Dude Diligence is reimagining community members' PFPs as ‘meme art’ that perfectly embodies this 'Let's Fucking Go' moment!

“One of the funniest memes I'd see posted on crypto twitter is this simple blob character with stick arms holding a red solo cup and shooting a gun in the air, always posted to say "LETS F****in' go,” Dude Diligence told the Gazette. “I love meme art, meme culture, and so-called "crappy" crypto art, made in simple programs like Microsoft Paint. So I wanted to make my own version of that meme based of my Morie PFP, married with the simplicity of drawing it in Microsoft Paint by hand.”

Dude Diligence wasn’t the only one in the Web3 world who loved this ‘crappy crypto art.’ His edits quickly caught on across blockchains, with Bitcoin OMBs and Puppets getting in on the fun alongside Ethereum-based Punks, Apes, RTFKTs, and Mories, all firing off a few shots and celebrating the return of the broader crypto bull market.

“A lot has happened in the past few years, and I think many of us are ready to live that LFG lifestyle in 2024,” Dude Diligence said. "People are ready to show that on the timeline and this is a way I can help keep those vibes up.”

So far, Dude Diligence has reimagined 150 Web3 enthusiasts PFPs in his Lets Fucking Go style, personalizing each blob to reflect the holder’s aesthetic.


“I really like adding personal touches too,” he said. “For people that like to make theirs wearing a custom t-shirt or holding a different drink. The collaboration is always fun. We put a lot of identity, whether made-up or sincere, into these online avatars we use to quickly recognize each other in online spaces. Many in web3 would consider their pfp a facet of their brand. Those are strong bonds!”


Everyone in the Web3 world who would like to have their PFP edited as a 'Let's Fucking Go' Blob can commission a work for $40 USD or the crypto equivalent by reaching out to Dude Diligence on Twitter @0xDudeDiligence.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Dude Diligence’s work and will keep you posted on all the latest art edits making waves around the swamp and the broader Web3 world. Stay tuned for updates!

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