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SPOTLIGHT: This Grailed Community Member Is Bringing 10KTF Storytelling To His Project!

This 10KTF community member is building the lore behind his HeckinChonkerz fat cats Polygon Project, and holders will have the chance to win prizes by playing games online every day for the next two weeks!

Two months after GrimyFrankie, the creator of the community-led 10KTF Gucci Grail Community Group, airdropped his HeckinChonkerz Polygon Project to Grailed, he announced that the story of these 3611 fat cats, damned to heck, will continue with its own 10KTF-style storytelling and world-building.

"Are you ready, anon chonk,” Frankie tweeted yesterday. “We're going to take you on a journey through Heck. There will be rewards for winning chonks. Notis on frens,  strap in for some Chonker lore. We will be releasing posts daily at 4:20pm EST for the next two weeks. Stay tuned!”

“I am inspired by the 10ktf model and want to integrate story and games at a recurring daily time on X posts - and then eventually move that to weekly posts,” GrimyFrankie told the Gazette. “Story will largely involve a new chonk's journey through heck, learning about it's purpose, the cycle of chonkdom, and trying to gamble it's way to kitty heaven by earning 200 Chonkbux in the Purgatory Casino - or losing it all and being devoured by a MegaChonk.”

Apes, HeckinChonkerz, and anons can tune in everyday for the next two weeks at 4:20 P.M. EST to learn the lore of these fat cats and possibly win a Gucci Grail NFT.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow GrimyFrankie and his HeckinChonkerz project and will let you know what’s next with these fat cats! Stay tuned for updates!

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