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SPOTLIGHT: This Made By Apes Brand Is Creating 1/1 Custom Merch For Apes That's Perfect For Any Bored Event!

Updated: Apr 27

With so much of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s 2024 focus on ApeFest and ‘Meet At The Clubhouse’ gatherings, this Made By Apes brand is helping Apes stand out in a crowd of club themed hoodies and tees with its recognizable 1/1 merch, that's perfect for any in-real-life experience!

After seeing so many Apes meet one another for the first time in Hong Kong during ApeFest 2023, Bored Ape Yacht Club member Brazy saw a need for custom merch that lets Apes represent their online personas in a style that’s right for them.


“Main thing that inspired me was going to Apefest for the first time and not being able to put faces to (monkey pic) names," Brazy said. “Everyone was wearing the same apparel which was cool, but I imagined people having the option to create whatever they liked, tailored to themselves and their style. Kind of like the jerseys that I designed, but wanted to create something that could actually be made.”

After identifying this need in the Ape apparel market, Brazy began working on 1/1 merch that BAYC members could customize through his MBA brand, Forever Apes, which has previously created Ape-themed playing cards and custom Lego builds for the community.

“Been working on this idea for a while in the background. Apefest HK only enforced it,” Brazy tweeted in Decmeber 2023. “Custom 1/1 merch? Yes. Custom IRL apparel designed specifically and uniquely for you. Use your handle, nickname, project, community name - you're the boss. Hoodies, crewnecks, & tees to start. Minimalist design with a ton of space for stickers/patches/whatever you want to throw on it. Everything done in house, design/production/quality control.”

Today, Brazy’s Forever Apes is now open for business and accepting pre-orders on 1/1 tees, crewnecks, and hoodies.


“Everything is completely custom 1 to 1, apes (or any other community) can shoot me a DM for orders and I'll work directly with them,” Brazy told the Gazette. “I put together a digital design mock before we go into product, and each person gets to pick their color, print, design, and sizing.”

Take a look at some of Brazy’s  degins below:

Apes and Web3 enthusiasts interested in ordering a 1/1 custom fit from Brazy can get theirs made for 0.05 Eth or 130 $Ape for a hoodie, 0.04 Eth or 100 $Ape for a crewneck, or 0.03 Eth or 75 $Ape for a t-shirt, according to his April 2024 pricing. Once order, Apes can expect to get their merch within 2-3 weeks!


For more information on Forever Apes’ custom merch or to order your pieces, you can DM Brazy on Twitter @BrazyNFT.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Brazy and his 1/1 merch. Stay tuned for updates!

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