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SPOTLIGHT: This Mega Koda Holder Just Made A New Otherside Based Delegation At The ApeCoin DAO

The MegaKodas.Eth delegation is looking to make mega moves within the $Ape ecosystem and ensure that the DAO considers Yuga Labs' metaverse in all of its decisions!

After Mega Koda Holder Kodama.Eth attended Yuga Labs' Otherside test event earlier this month and read Yuga Labs' CEO Daniel Alegre's thoughts on Otherside, Kodama.Eth decided to break on through to the ApeCoin DAO and create an Oda and Voyager delegation.

“Yuga is going all in Otherside and there is no powerful delegate representing all Voyagers & Odas in the DAO,” Kodama told the Gazette. “I felt that this was clearly missing. I think that Megas are well suited to take over the lead and responsibility here. Megas, as the most powerful Oda, want to unite all voyagers and join forces to form a unified voice in the DAO.”

At the time of this article’s publication, Kodama.Eth’s MegaKodas.Eth delegation is comprised of 18 members and has almost 900,000 $Ape worth of voting power.

“We want to represent the Voyagers and Oda, and be a strong and united voice for them,” Kodama.Eth said. “Stronger together. To quote Uncle Ben: ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ We take this role and responsibility very seriously and will always act in their best interest.”

Going forward, Kodama.Eth told the Gazette that he and the MegaKodas.Eth delegation look forward to supporting ideas that add value to Otherside, ApeCoin, web3 gaming, experiences, and the DAO, while rejecting ideas that ask for risk-free financing and do not have a clear value proposition.

“Yuga’s vision for Otherside is BIG, and I think one reason they created ApeCoin and the DAO is to provide resources to the community to help them with it,” Kodama.Eth said, “So I think the DAO has to play an integral role in the success of Otherside. We need to build experiences & tools, we have to bring awareness & users to Otherside. Again "stronger together". Yuga gave us the resources to support them and now it is in our hands to do it.”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors can join the MegaKodas.Eth delegation by checking out the ApeCoin DAO’s delegation page here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the MegaKodas.Eth delegation and will keep you posted on all things $Ape!

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