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SPOTLIGHT: This Otherside Jeweler Is Getting Kodas Looking "Zhuzh Gucci”

This Koda jeweler is getting the mythical creatures looking Gucci with his new chain edit!

On Friday, Yuga Labs shared four new images featuring Blue the Koda and a mysterious man on the Otherside.

“What does THIS guy want,” OthersideMeta tweeted.

While we do not know who this guy is or what he wants, we do know that he got Blue looking “Zhuzh Gucci” with a new Otherside chain!

Following this post, Koda tailor, OSOutfitter, took to Twitter and announced his latest GG Koda Chain edit.

“With the Koda lore starting to ramp up with the @OthersideMeta's last post featuring a Gucci necklace, I had to make sure all the Kodas were dripped out,” OSOutfitter told the Gazette.

Check out some of Kodas that OSOutfitter has edited so far:

Koda holders can get their critters a GG chain of their own by reaching out to OSOutfitter on Twitter @OS_Outfitters

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow OSOutfitter and will keep you posted on all things Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

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