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SPOTLIGHT: This Service Trait Ape Is Cooking Up The Fast-Food Service Club. Here's How You Can Join

This service trait Bored Ape is ordering up his own trait-based group that will serve his fellow service industry primates’ alpha and vibes!


BAYC member Berserker is using his lunch break to build the Fast-Food Service Club, which is comprised exclusively of service trait Bored Apes and Mutants!



“There are so many different clubs in the BAYC with locations but not many trait specific clubs,” Berserker told the Gazette. “I believe the golden Bored Apes have their own exclusive group, we’re building something like that but with service Apes. Like the golden Apes, the service owners are very passionate about our specific trait as they are carefully picked as they’re usually found above floor.”


In total there are 142 service Bored Apes, 221 M1 Service Mutant Apes, and 56 M2 Service Mutant Apes, for a grand total of 409 service apes in the BAYC, according to Opensea data.


At the time of this article’s publication, Berserker’s Fast-Food Service Club has 18 members and he’s hoping to connect with more Apes in the service industry!


“Our current goal is to create the most active trait specific group in the BAYC on twitter, by commenting and boosting each others post to attract the other service frens," he said.


If you own an service Ape and would like to join the Fast-Food Service Club you can reach out to Berserker on Twitter @berserkercrypto



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Berserker and the Fast-Food Service Club and will let you know what they cook up! Stay tuned for updates!

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