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SPOTLIGHT: Varsity Pepe Traders Are Getting Their Letterman Jackets Thanks To This BAYC Member!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members earned their Pepe letterman jackets today after the frog themed coin leaped over a one-billion-dollar market cap!

Trading meme coins is a full contact sport, and this Bored Ape Yacht Club member has designed the perfect letterman jacket for varsity level Degens!

BAYC member LinkedEm created a Pepe Letterman jacket edit for Apes this afternoon after her Twitter friend, Kraytrain, asked if someone could Pepe-ify her primate.

Following Kraytrain’s tweet, LinkedEm created a green and white Pepe themed letterman jacket with two Pepe patches and a 2023 star!

“I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH, Kraytrain tweeted after she saw her primate in all its green glory!

From there, LinkedEm’s Pepe letterman jackets went parabolic like the coin their based off and several Apes starting Pepe-ifying their primates!

“I believe in the power of community, and I think that when certain trends occur, such as $Pepe, we have the opportunity to celebrate small wins and inspire each other to share the joy in various ways,” LinkedEm told the Gazette. “My friend, kraytrain, asked on Twitter if anyone could help dress her ape, Hotdog, and 'Pepe-fy' it. I believe that all it takes is just one person to start a movement when you are involved in a community as strong as Bored Ape.”

So far, LinkedEm has Pepe-fied 10 Bored Apes and has made the PNG of the Pepe letterman available to the community!

“For the community and culture,” she wrote.

Apes that would like to be fitted for their Pepe letterman's, can check out LinkedEm’s PNG below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Pepe and the latest fashion trends from the swamp! Stay tuned for updates!

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