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STEP RIGHT UP: ThankApe Is Holding An $Ape Builders Contest With 10K $Ape Worth Of Prizes

The future is now at the ApeCoin DAO as ThankApe kicked off its builder’s contest with 10,000 $Ape worth of prizes up for grabs!

On Friday, ThankApe, an ApeCoin DAO sponsored project that aims to reward active contributors in the ApeCoin ecosystem, announced its second $Ape centric contest and invited $Ape builders from across the metaverse to enter!

“Attention ApeCoin ecosystem builders! Get ready to unleash your skills and shape @ApeCoin DAO with our thrilling #ApeCoinBuilders contest,” ThankApe tweeted.

To participate in ThankApe’s builders contest, $Apes projects' “must be technical infrastructure (built w/code) - Built in explicit support of ApeCoin before July 15th - previous AIPs eligible if received < 5000 APE grant - No rewards for gambling, drugs, or categories that cannot be promoted by the DAO,” according to ThankApe.

Further, $Ape’s who would like to participate in ThankApe’s contest must connect their Twitter accounts and wallets to ThankApe’s website here:

To enter ThankApe’s Builder contest, creators must write a Twitter thread about what they have built and how it will benefit the community and hashtag their post with #ApeCoinBuilder, #ApeCoinBuilderGrants, and @ThankApe.

In total, ThankApe will award 50 $Ape builders 42 $Ape each, five $Ape builders 420 $Ape each, and another five $Ape builders with 1069 $Ape each.

“Why we're doing this,” ThankApe tweeted. “1. We believe in the power of #ApeCoinBuilders to drive utility in the future of web3. 2. We want to recognize our amazing builders for your excellent work. 3. We need passionate builders to help create a thriving ApeCoin and web3 ecosystem!”

Builders in the ApeCoin ecosystem have until July 31st to submit their creations to ThankApe’s contest and the winners will be announced on August 3rd.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThankApe’s contest. Stay tuned for updates!

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