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STRIKE A POSE: This Bored Ape Was Featured At New York Fashion Week

This notable Bored Ape made its debut on the runway during New York Fashion week.

Fashion Designer Vivienne Tam, who’s brand is inspired by Chinese culture, design, modern fashion, and east–west fusion, featured Animoca Brand’s CEO Yat Sui’s Bored Ape in her designs this week during New York Fashion week.

“VIVIENNE TAM S/S 2023 “Metaverse, Past, Present, and Future” @BoredApeYC ft. Bored Ape #9730 @ysiu," Tam tweeted earlier this week.

The main Bored Ape that was featured in Tam’s designs was Bored Ape #9730.

Bored Ape #9730 is a five-trait white fur primate with a safari hat wide eyes and a dumbfounded mouth.

Following Tam’s Bored Ape inspired designs hitting the runway, Sui took to Twitter and said that he was honored to be a part of New York fashion Week.

“I'd never make it on the runway but my @BoredApeYC #9730 does makes a dashing figure (the models sure help as well ), Sui tweeted. “Incredible work by the forward thinking .@VivienneTam honored and humbled that my #NFT was part of #NewYorkFashionWeek. @VivienneTam is a fashion icon that bridged China & the West, while we may not always agree on everything, we can agree that there is beauty and wonder in our diverse cultures +++ our understanding. Now she's bridging #IRL with the #openmetaverse #NFTs.”

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