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Sunday's Are For Smokes: This BAYC Member Bought A Pair of Cigar Smoking Apes For $251K

Sundays are for smokes as this Bored Ape Yacht Club collector purchased a pair of cigar smoking Bored Apes.

BAYC member Freedomisbored.eth purchased Bored Ape #7654 and Bored Ape #2211 for 194.89 Eth or $251,000 USD. Each of Freedomisbored.Eth’s new apes have the bored unshaven cigar mouth trait.

Picking up Bored Apes is nothing new to Freedomisbored.Eth. In fact, they are a large ape holder at the swamp, according to Transfer data.

Freedomisbored.Eth is associated with wallet 0xf4893542E4ec7C33356579F91bF22E8FA7CD06dc AKA Deerhunters.Eth.

Between this user’s Freedomisbored.Eth and Deerhunter.eth wallets, they own 11 Bored Apes, seven Mutant Apes, and 111 Otherdeeds, according to Opensea data.

Take a look at their Bored Apes below:

Freedomisbored.Eth’s shopping spree may just be getting started, according to Etherscan. Freedomisbored.Eth recently sent out several offers and they have over 315 Eth worth of crypto in their wallet.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Freedomisbored.Eth and will let you know what they do next!

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