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'SUPER PUNK WORLD': Yuga Labs' First Punk In Residence, Nina Chanel Abney, Has Finished Her Punk-Inspired Collection, Which Will Be On Display In NYC Later This Week!

Updated: May 16

Yuga Labs’ first Punk In Residence artist, Nina Chanel Abney, has completed her Punk-inspired project, set to go on display in New York City later this week!

Three months after Yuga Labs asked its first Punk In Residence artist, 'What does punk mean to you?' Nina Chanel Abney answered with her new 'Super Punk World' collection, reimagining iconic punk traits in a 'Super Cool' style.

“Introducing “Super Punk World” — a 500-piece digital avatar collection hand-curated by our first Punk in Residence, @ninachanel,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its CryptoPunks account this afternoon. “Inspired by iconic CryptoPunks traits in conversation with Super Cool World attributes, the collection utilizes the 3D medium to reimagine the viewing experience of Abney’s art through the Punk lens, inviting collectors to become a part of her work for the first time. Super Punk World will be exhibited alongside Abney’s new body of work at The School | @JackShainman Gallery in Kinderhook, NY from May 18th to October 5th. More details on the collection and auction will be announced soon.”

“The Punks are rebellious in a way,” Abney told Yuga Labs recently. “They’re a vehicle that can kind of shake things up and cause one to question what art is. I’ve always wanted to actually create a world that one could enter into. This Residence has really opened my studio practice up to a whole other medium.”


As Abney’s work gets ready to be put on display, Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks General Manager Naughtalie Stone reflected on the Punk In Residence program and how Abney embodies the Punk ethos.

“What does Punk mean to you,” she tweeted. “That’s the brief for our inaugural Punk-in-Residence program, but it’s also a question I ask myself quite a bit. Or perhaps, what does it mean to be Punk?

“Punk is about rebellion, unrelenting authenticy, making your own rules, and ultimately, it’s about a DGAF bravery. And this is who @ninachanel is, this what Nina does. She stands for what she believes in: a breaking down of barriers that limit and constrain…whether that is mediums, trad art versus crypto art, your gender or the color of your skin, where you were born or what you were born to. Punk #72 is willing to put herself out there to stand for what she believes in…and we believe in her.”



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Abney’s ‘Super Punk World’ and the Punk In Residence program. Stay tuned for updates!

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