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SuperPlastic's Bored Ape Yacht Club Drop "SUPERBORED" Happened Yesterday. Full Recap Here:

The highly anticipated Bored Ape Yacht Club SuperPlastic Collab drop “SUPERBORED” happened yesterday and BAYC members aped in fast for various vinyl figurines.

SuperPlastic, a character-based product and entertainment company that creates limited edition art toys, apparel, games, and animation, sold five different vinyl figurines yesterday for $222 USD each.

Each of the 13” toys were available for only 15 minutes and two of them were exclusive to BAYC and MAYC members.

BAYC members seemed to universally love the BAYC Curtis figurines, and the figurines styled after SuperPlastic’s Bored Ape, Skipper.

“I bought 2 full sets of the @superplastic drop and I feel great about it,” BAYC member Junics tweeted. “Yes, even the green "that is not a mutant" Curtis. I'll keep 1 set to proudly display it in my BAYC memorabilia shelf (which will soon will earn me a divorce warning) and consider selling/gifting the other.”

While the drop was well received, some MAYC members were not fond of the mutant exclusive figurine. “The mutant... why is it just Curtis painted green with a blank white shirt,” asked BAYC member James G. “It looks unfinished, and to me, it doesn't say "mutant".”

Nevertheless, mutant Curtis or green Curtis, apes aped into every toy. “If u think $200 is expensive for 1-foot tall official BAYC vinyl toy, u are insane. literal free money this will be a crazy collector’s item,” BAYC member Danielgothits tweeted.

Just a day after the initial drop, every SuperPlastic X BAYC toy is selling for a big premium on eBay. The most recent completed sales show the figurines selling for $400- $1500 depending on the color wave.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to SuperPlastic to find out how many toys they sold yesterday and will be writing a follow up when more information becomes avaible.

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