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TAKING $APE OFFICE: The ApeCoin DAO's Recently Elected Officials Began Their Terms Today!

January 1st, 2024, marks the beginning of a new era at the ApeCoin DAO as two new Special Council members join the board, a new Governance Working Group Steward takes office, and the DAO’s first-ever Marketing and Communications and Metaverse Working Groups launch!


Following a busy election season filled with spaces, Q&As, debates, and two rounds of voting, the ApeCoin DAO’s recently elected officials began their terms earlier today.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the community reelected BoredApeG, along with Hazel and Airvey, to the DAO’s Special Council, elected Bigbull to be its next Governance Working Group Steward, and elected Popil and Linstro as its first-ever Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards, with David_Crypto and Dim serving as its first-ever Metaverse Working Group Stewards.


Graphic by Popil


“Today! I've officially joined @apecoin in the capacity of Marketing and Communications,” Popil posted after her first day on the job. “My vision is to enhance communication channels within the DAO framework and foster a more diverse ecosystem and culture within the community. Honored by 23 million votes. Unity and strategy are key to success. Grateful for contributors moving us forward. Congrats to fellow members – building friendships through this election has been rewarding! I am excited to collaborate and build together!”



The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to the $Apes to find out more about their first days in office and what’s on the agenda this January but did not immediately hear back from them.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO and will keep you posted on everything they do in 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

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