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TESTING: The ApeCoin DAO's First Apechain Testnet Has Been Deployed! Here's What You Need To Know:

Testing 1,2,3. The ApeCoin DAO’s first testnet is now live and $Ape holders, builders, and blockchain enjoyers can now ape into the protocol and get an idea of what ApeChain will be like.

On Monday, the ApeCoin DAO announced that its Jenkins Testnet was now live on Caldera, and that the community could ape in and check it out!

“Exciting news,” the DAO tweeted this morning. “@Calderaxyz now supports ApeChain's @apecoin expansion to Arbitrum Join the ApeChain testnet live via Caldera and explore the future of Web3 gaming! Experience the power of ApeChain on Caldera's robust platform.”



Shortly after this post, Calderaxyz’s CEO Matt Katz went on Metaverse Working Group Steward Dim.eth’s Monday morning Space and talked a bit about the Jenkins Testnet.


“We got an alpha testnet public," he said. "It mirrors the general vision of the Apecghain mainnet. So its an L3 on top of Arbitrum. It uses a dummy testnet version of ApeCoin as the native gas token and folks can onboard onto it and do with it like any other testnet. You can bridge to it, deploy smart contracts, you can connect it to your Metamask, ETC. I think this initial testnet is mostly a testnet to get new infastructure providers onboarded. So it’s going to be like the first initial place that people can go to see what building on ApeChain will be like.”


Horizen Labs Vice President Of Ecosystem Growth Blockcahinzilla AKA Spencer was also on Dim’s Space and gave the community a bit more information on what the Jenkins Testnet means.

“it’s going to really useful if you haven’t developed in the Arbitrum environment before to get a sense of that.” Spencer said. “You can go to the link where you can find the RPC, the block explorer, everything along those lines, and you can go ahead and play around with it and deploy.”


While Spencer said that anyone was invited to check out the Jenkins Testnet, he did preference that it’s a ‘alpha vanilla testnet’ that will be most useful to people who want to get involved on the ground floor of ApeChain.

Following the deployment of the Jenkins Testnet, Spencer said that he and his team are planning to release the next version of the ApeChain testnet, dubbed the ‘Curtis Testnet,’ at the end of this month. “This will have a bit more in terms of unique differentiators and features in the hopper,” Spencer Said.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO selected Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, and the Arbitrum team to develop its ApeChain as part of Arbitrum’s Orbit chains in February 2024.


“Apechain is being built as an Arbitrum Orbit chain,” Spencer said in an ApeCoin DAO Space on April 25. “It is going to be a gaming first, but not gaming only chain. Its ultimately supposed to be a theme park for ApeCoin, where everything is denominated ApeCoin, not just the gas fees. Pairs are in ApeCoin, incentives are in ApeCoin. We are trying to get on games, applications, protocols that are all using ApeCoin in their economies.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the development of ApeChain and will let you know what happens with the current Jenkins Testnet and the upcoming Curtis one. Stay tuned for updates!

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