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TFG Is Running For Metaverse Working Group Steward. Find Out Why He Deserves Your Vote:

Former professional gamer turned Web3 enthusat, TFG, is running to be one of the ApeCoin DAO’s first Metaverse Working Group Stewards so that he can combine his gaming knowledge with his crypto experience to bring $Ape into the metaverse!


After a month of Twitter Spaces, interviews, and politicking, it’s time for the $Ape community to cast their coins for the two $Apes that they want to represent them as a Steward on the DAO’s newly created Metaverse Working Group.


For those who are unfamiliar with this role, current Special Council Member, Waabam, who created the idea of a Metaverse Working Group earlier this year, has stated that this group will serve as the connection between creators and the DAO.


“When we put it together, we envisioned that this working group would be the connection with the content creators in the DAO,” Waabam said on an ApeCoin DAO space last month. “That could look like supporting people who want to build in Otherside, but it could also look like supporting people in Web3. The other piece of this AIP that we would like to see it create opportunities for partnerships.”


With that in mind, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to TFG and asked him why he’s the right $Ape for the job. Check out the Gazette’s interview with him and find out why he deserves your vote:


1. In a sentence or two can you sum up your crypto journey and how you got into Web3?


“I entered the crypto and Web3 space in 2021, transitioning from the gaming world. My journey has been filled with action, as I've been actively involved in the space, contributing as a community member, builder, and creator on a daily basis since joining.”


 2. Why should the community pick you to be its Metaverse working group steward?


“The community should elect me because of my unique blend of gaming industry leadership, content creation expertise, and deep involvement in Web3, all of which equip me to effectively lead the Metaverse Working Group towards innovative and community-focused goals.”


 3. Why do you want to do this job?


“I am motivated by the opportunity to shape the metaverse landscape, creating a space where gaming, entertainment, commerce, culture, and technology converge in exciting, meaningful ways, and to contribute significantly to the growth and vision of $ape.”


 4. Why is the metaverse important for $Ape?


“Most Web3 and crypto enthusiasts concur that Web3 gaming and the Metaverse will play a substantial role in our industry for many years to come. It is of utmost importance for the ApeCoin DAO to proactively align itself and establish a leadership position within the Web3 gaming and Metaverse realms, much like YugaLabs and other leading entities.”


 5. If you could only accomplish one thing in this role, what would you like to accomplish?


“During my first term, I plan to lay a strong foundation and establish a reliable roadmap. My ultimate goal is for the broader Web3 crypto community to understand that if they want to engage in exciting gaming and metaverse initiatives and achieve success, the ApeCoin DAO is the place to be. This will ensure that the DAO continues to benefit from exceptional metaverse and gaming initiatives long after my term ends.”


 6. How does the metaverse and ApeChain relate? What do you think that should look like?


“The metaverse and ApeChain are intrinsically linked, with ApeChain serving as a technological backbone that supports metaverse infrastructure. Ideally, this relationship should manifest as seamless integration, where ApeChain facilitates secure, efficient transactions and interactive experiences within the ApeCoin DAO’s Web3 gaming and metaverse initiatives.”


 7. Of the other candidates who do you want to be Metaverse Working Group Steward with and why?


“What's fantastic about all five candidates is that each of us comes from a different region across the globe and is proficient in languages beyond English. This diversity creates an excellent environment for collaborating with any fellow candidate reaching different audiences. However, it would be especially beneficial to partner with someone possessing a solid technical background in blockchain and metaverse infrastructures. Such a partnership would allow us to work together seamlessly, capitalizing on our individual strengths while offering support in areas where each of us may have weaknesses.”


 8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?


“With 14 ongoing years of full-time working in Web3 and gaming, I am committed to exceeding expectations in this role. I plan to invest extra effort and time, dedicating my comprehensive network and resources to strengthen ApeCoin DAO's position in the metaverse, aiming to transform it into a leading force.”


The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO’s Metaverse Working Group Steward election is currently open, and $Apes have until next Wednesday, December 13th, at 9 P.M. EST, to cast their votes here:


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview every candidate. Stay tuned for updates!

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