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The ApeCoin DAO Announced Which Special Council Members Will Not Running For Re-Election

The ApeCoin DAO announced which three Special Council Members seats will be up for grabs this election season.

On Saturday, the DAO took to social media and announced that Dean Steinbeck, Maara Bajwa, and Amy Wu will be stepping down from their Special Council positions and will not be running for re-election.

“By stepping down, these Special Council members are opening up positions for community members to bring new voices to the Special Council, and to the direction of the ApeCoin DAO, ApeCoin tweeted. “The $APE Special Council members served during a foundational, and sometimes challenging, first 8 months of the ApeCoin DAO's existence. They made significant contributions in administering and even developing foundational proposals for the ApeCoin DAO.”

With Steinbeck, Bajwa, and Wu's departure, Yat Siu and Alexis Ohanian are the last two original ApeCoin Special Council members left on the board.

Tonight’s announcement came one day before the window for prospective Special Council nominees to formally kick off their campaigns closed.

So far, at least nine ApeCoin DAO contributors have thrown their hats in the ring.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, $Ape holders have until November 20th to formally announce their candidacy for Special Council.

If youre interested in running for office you can fill out the candidate forum here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin Special Council election and will bring you full coverage of all the candidates later this month.

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