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The Apecoin DAO Approved Of The Process For Creating A Mission Statement. Here's What Happens Next:

Earlier this week, the ApeCoin DAO voted in favor of a proposal that sets up the framework and process for the community to create and vote on an ApeCoin DAO mission statement.

AIP-256 titled “ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement” was approved by the ApeCoin DAO on Wednesday with a 2.2 million $Ape cast in favor of the proposal.

“It was really exciting to see the Mission Statement and Metaverse Working Group proposals pass with such overwhelming support,” AIP-256 author BadTeeth told the Gazette. “Feels like we're getting some much-needed alignment on the future of the DAO.”

As a result of AIP-256 passing, the DAO will now embark on a five-step plan to gather community feedback and create eight different DAO mission statements.

This plan includes two Twitter Spaces sessions, a Working Group Zero Discord discussion, and the translation of the proposed statements into various languages. All of this will take place over a three-week period followed by a community wide DAO vote, according to the proposal.

“Once we finalize a mission statement that supports the vision to, ‘drive culture forward into the metaverse,’ I'm confident that ApeCoin DAO is going to be one of the key players supporting the creators, artists, and devs that are building the future of Web3 technology and experiences," BadTeeth said.

The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know when these DAO mission statement workshops are taking place and how you can get involved in the discussion once the schedule is announced. Stay tuned for updates!

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