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The ApeCoin DAO Funded Ape Accelerator Is On The Brink Of Launching An Of This World Game!

The ApeCoin DAO-funded Ape Accelerator program is on the brink of launching its first incubated game, and the Yugaverse will have the chance to ape into an exclusive opportunity later this month if the community approves the game this week!

Ten months after the ApeCoin DAO approved the creation of an Ape Accelerator and launchpad program for the Yuga Labs ecosystem, the initiative is poised to assist 'Space Nation,' a web3 MMORPG set in outer space, to launch a limited edition NFT collection for the Yuga Labs and ApeCoin community this week, if the community votes in favor of this launch during the program’s first-ever community vote.

“The ApeCoin Accelerator is an ecosystem growth engine for ApeCoin,” Ape Accelerator Program and Forj’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chas Stanton, told the Gazette. “Our mission is to add value to the ecosystem. But it’s not up to us to decide what’s valuable for the community, it’s up to you. That’s why we ask you to vote.”

Space Nation Announced by $APE Accelerator

In total, Space Nation wants to sell 300 NFTs to the $Ape and Yuga Labs communities for .3 Eth or the $APE equivalent each. These NFTs will include the ability to play the game, a Genesis Space Nation PFP, and an eventual token airdrop.

$Ape holders are invited to find out more about Space Nation’s game and cast their coins via Snapshot here: 

If passed, $Apes and Yuga Labs NFT holders who are interested in blasting off into Space Nation’s game and participating in the mint will need to complete a KYC (Know your Client) in order to mint, according to Stanton.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Ape Accelerator and its first ever launchpad release. Stay tuned for updates!

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