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The ApeCoin DAO's Bug Bounty Program Phase 1 Has Ended. Here's what Was Found& Here's What Next:

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The first phase of the Apecoin DAO’s staking system bug bounty program concluded yesterday and the DAO’s staking smart contract will be ready to launch on the mainnet on December 5th.

The ApeCoin DAO’s two-week staking bug bounty program on the testnet has ended, and the contract is ready to be deployed on the mainnet.

“We’ve now concluded the testnet bug bounty program,” Llama, one of the companies the ApeCoin DAO is working with on the bug bounty program, wrote on the DAO’s discourse channel yesterday, “We are in contact with Horizen, so we’ll be ready to begin the mainnet program on launch day. All submissions were tested, reproduced, and analyzed closely. We asked detailed questions to participants so we could ensure our decisions were correct. In total, we received 26 submissions during the program.”

Of the 26 submissions that Llama and the ApeCoin DAO received, only one “medium severity” bug was found.

“The medium severity bug could’ve potentially delayed users’ ability to claim funds,” Llama said. “Horizen has already worked on a fix and the auditors are performing a reaudit.”

Once the staking smart contract is deployed on the mainnet, the second phase of the ApeCoin DAO’s bug bounty program will begin. This second phase will run for the entirety of the ApeCoin DAO’s three year staking program.

Anyone who finds a bug in the code between now and the end of the DAO's staking program can submit it to Immunefi and claim their reward.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO's bug bounty program and will let you know more about how to stake your $Ape once the pre-commit period begins.

EDIT: The Bored Ape Gazette edited an earlier version of this article that incorrectly stated that the contract would launch on November 28th. This date was recently updated after the pre-commit period was reduced to one week. The article has been changed to show the correct date, December 5th.

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