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The ApeCoin DAO's Mascot,ApeKin, Has 13 Stickers On Discord Now! Here's What You Need To Know:

The ApeCoin community can now express their feelings and opinions in a cute and crypto way now thank to AnnieRawrz's 13 $Ape mascot, Apekin, Discord stickers!

Following the ApeCoin DAO's approval of the creation of a mascot in August, AnnieRawrz, the author of the proposal, released 13 Discord stickers based on her creation earlier this week!

Thanks to AnnieRawrz, $Apes can now express a wide range of opinions, from GM to no, through this ridiculously cute robot!

“It Feels awesome to bring life to the Discord server,” AnnieRawrz told the Gazette. “The community has been enjoying the stickers and of course it makes me happy to see them happy.”

AnnieRawrz went on to tell the Gazette that this is only the beginning of her primate plans for Apekin!

“It's only 25% of my AIP, she said. “Currently I'm working on full body illustrations. These will work better on graphics etc that the community and team members might make. Once everything is finished, I will make the files available for the DAO to use, aside from a mascot brand guide. I'm aiming for end of this year.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will keep you posted on all things Apekin. Stay tuned for updates!

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