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The ApeCoin DAO's Meebits PropHouse Came To An End this Month. Take A Look Back At The 3 Contests:

After the ApeCoin DAO’s final Meebits PropHouse contest came to an end this month, former Special Council Member and the creator of the Meebits PropHopuse proposal, Maaria Bajwa, said that she hopes that the ApeCoin DAO will continue to fund builders and communities across the space.

Over the last four months, the ApeCoin DAO has held three separate Meebits PropHouse contests and distributed 13,000 $Ape or $68,510 USD to nine different projects that each aimed to grow the voxel community and encourage the Meebits to build in the $Ape ecosystem..

“I loved the prop house program,” Bajwa told the Gazette. “It gave us an opportunity to fund more public goods (like the Rio skate park initiative) and introduced more folks to ApeCoin. I was really impressed by the quality of proposals, and it’s a much more efficient funding mechanism for micro grants. Micro grants definitely have a place as a funding mechanism, and I’d love to see the program continue to grow. I have to give a HUGE shoutout to @Bojangleguy who did a great job interfacing with the Meebits community and keeping things trekking. This wouldn’t have been possible without his support and work. He’s amazing!!!!!”

Take a look at the projects that the ApeCoin DAO sponsored through the Meebit PropHouse contests!

Going forward, Bajwa said that she’d love to see the DAO sponsor more PropHouse contests for more communities in the Web3 space.

“I’d support more rounds of prop house for sure,” Bajwa said. “I think someone like Bojangles would be great at spearheading the effort. Other communities I think we should support: CryptoPunks and Fluf world (they’re doing a ton in 3d innovation) come to mind, but I think there’s probs a ton others that I’m not even thinking of. Would love to get the community’s feedback on it!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO and will let you know if and when the DAO sets up more PropHouse contests!

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